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Experimental repo

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The easybuild.experimental repo has been created while having in mind the community at large and those who simply wish to try out things without committing to any particular quality level:

  • contributions under this repo may be beta, incomplete, broken or -worse- simply too risky
  • you can create a subdirectory with your (github?) username and follow your own structure or,
  • let EasyBuild drive the contribution process for you via its automated submissions mechanism

Play nice: do leave some reference of yours (email or IM handle), so that your job is traceable.

The repo is made by Fotis Georgatos; you may thank for the hospitality but, expect no support!

Be very conscious that this repo may have questionable code pushed by unknown 3rd parties.

It is wise to review the contributed examples and see if they fit your purpose and objectives.

You have been warned! And now, enjoy :)

See the easbuild.experimental wiki for more information: .

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