Quick demo for the impatient

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Please note that even if you are impatient, you should install all required Dependencies, i.e. Python 2.x (x>=4) and environment modules. On top of that, this demo requires both a C and a C++ compiler to be available on your system, for example gcc and g++.

To see EasyBuild in action, build HPL with the robot feature of EasyBuild by running the following (bash/sh syntax):

pip install --user easybuild
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin
eb HPL-2.0-goalf-1.1.0-no-OFED.eb --robot

If the installation of EasyBuild (1st command above) doesn't work, try using easy_install instead, or if the --user option doesn't work, resort to --prefix. See Installing EasyBuild for details.

This will build and install HPL, after building and installing a GCC-based compiler toolkit and all of its dependencies using the default EasyBuild configuration, which will install to $HOME/.local/easybuild/software.

The whole process should take about an hour on a recent system.

Module files will be provided in $HOME/.local/easybuild/modules/all, so to load the provided modules, update your MODULEPATH environment variable.

If you want to change the path in which EasyBuild installs the software, see Configuration.