Download tumblr photos you liked , or others liked . Or even images in your blog . It supports videos now , see README to enable it
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Tumblr like exporter



  • php( 5.4+ maybe , i use 7 ) cli required ( mac build-in )
  • curl command with https ( mac build-in )
  • Double check your terminal env whether can visit tumblr directly , esp in China


  • Enter terminal
  • Git clone this repo
git clone
  • cd into it , create cookie.txt , save your tumblr cookie to it ( see below )
  • Run php robo.phar export to parse all the images
  • Run php robo.phar download to download them to photos folder under this repo when parsing finished
  • You can download using other tools , run php robo.phar save2txt generate a txt image list to import
  • Star the repo if you like it 😝

It can download photos in blog

  • Create next.txt , put the blog url in it just like
  • Run php robo.phar export , it will ask whether to download this page , just press enter ..

It won't download video by default , but you can change this by run php robo.phar export video instead of php robo.phar export

How to find cookie

  • Open Chrome , sign in tumblr , normally you will on

  • Click menu on the right top , more tools , developer tools

  • Switch to Network , dashbord , copy all the text after cookie: in the line, refresh if you can't see dashboard