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edd_microdata_title filter span tags show in adjacent posts links in head #1142

will-b opened this Issue · 9 comments

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will-b Pippin Williamson Mark Jaquith

span tags from edd_microdata_title filter on download single show up in the adjacent post links in the head ( <link rel='prev' title='<span....')

Pippin Williamson

Those are most likely being added incorrectly by your theme. Can you paste the contents of your header.php?


Output in head
<link rel='prev' title='&lt;span itemprop=&quot;name&quot;&gt;Sample ....

Was using the Digital store theme, have not modified the header.

Checked Twenty Twelve, Eleven, same thing.

Seems like wordpress only escape the title


$link = $previous ? "<link rel='prev' title='" : "<link rel='next' title='";
$link .= esc_attr( $title );
$link .= "' href='" . get_permalink($post) . "' />\n";
Pippin Williamson

Ah, look at that, you've just identified a WordPress core bug (I think). I'm digging into it further.

Pippin Williamson

I've submitted a core trac ticket on the issue:


thanks, will keep an eye on it.

Pippin Williamson

Looks doubtful that core will get this taken care of anytime soon.


Guess getting 3.6 ready is priority as its a bit behind schedule. Will check back in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the update.

Mark Jaquith
if ( ! did_action( 'wp_head' ) )
    return $title;
Pippin Williamson

Ah, of course, thanks @markjaquith

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