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Gravity Forms Help Scout Search Field

Add a Help Scout Docs search field to your Gravity Forms form. Used on the Easy Digital Downloads ticket submission page.


To use:

  1. The Help Scout Docs Search Field plugin requires the Docs subdomain to be set. You can find it in Help Scout > Manage > Docs > Site Settings > Sub-domain. Define it using the HELPSCOUT_DOCS_SUBDOMAIN constant, or set it using the gf_helpscout_docs_subdomain filter.
  2. Add a text field to your Gravity Forms form, then add helpscout-docs to the "Custom CSS Class" setting (in the field's Appearance tab).
  3. Optionally, use the GF_HELPSCOUT_DOCS_COLLECTIONS constant to specify the collection IDs the plugin should search in. Example:
define( 'GF_HELPSCOUT_DOCS_COLLECTIONS', '538f1914e4b034fd486247ce:548f192ae4b07d03cb25288e:5488f10de4bs2c8d3cacdf29' );

Each ID is separated by :.

Modify the script settings

You can change the script configuration using the gf_helpscout_docs_script_settings filter. Modify the following array keys:

'debug' => false, // Print debug logs or not
'hideSubmit' => true, // Whether to hide the submit button until search is performed
'minLength' => 3, // Minimum number of characters required to trigger search
'limit' => 5, // Max limit for # of results to show
'text' => array(
    'result_found' => '{count} result found…',
    'results_found' => '{count} results found…',
    'no_results_found' => 'No results found…',
    'enter_search' => 'Please enter a search term.',
    'not_long_enough' => 'Search must be at least {minLength} characters.',
    'error' => 'There was an error fetching search results.',
'template' => array(
    'wrap_class' => 'docs-search-wrap',
    'before' => '<ul class="docs-search-results">',
    'item' => '<li class="article"><a href="{url}" title="{preview}">{name}</a></li>',
    'after' => '</ul>',
    'results_found' => '<span class="{css_class}">{text}</span>',
'collections' => array( 'collection_id_1', 'collection_id_2' ),


Custom plugin that creates the search form on our new ticket submission page




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