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Email send/receive PHP library

Need batch mail sending? Tired of PHP mail() function? Want to save sent mails to "Sent items"? Want to create mail robot? eiseMail is aimed to help with this! Read mail messages and respond from your PHP app!

This library consists of two major classes:

  1. eiseSMTP - the class that sends mail using sockets and supports TLS and other required security features. Developed especially to make batch sending much easier.
  2. eiseIMAP - the class that reads mail with IMAP. It's not just a wrapper to native PHP IMAP, it is aimed to obtain message attachments in simpliest possible way.

Both classes are based on eiseMail_base class that contains some handful utilities.

In case of exception, class methods are throwing eiseMailException object with mail message queue in its actual state so you can trace what messages were sent and what were not.

PHP version required: >5.1

Examples: see eiseMail_demo.php

License: GNU Public License
Uses: : OpenSSL, IMAP
Version: : 1.0
Author: : Ilya Eliseev, contributors: Dmitry Zakharov, Igor Zhuravlev