first use of vim-easymotion very slow in neovim #242

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I have these options set:

" =============== vim-easymotion   ==========
let g:easymotion_leader_key = '\'
nmap s <Plug>(easymotion-s2)
nmap / <Plug>(easymotion-sn)
omap / <Plug>(easymotion-tn)
" Gif config
map <Leader>l <Plug>(easymotion-lineforward)
map <Leader>j <Plug>(easymotion-j)
map <Leader>k <Plug>(easymotion-k)
map <Leader>h <Plug>(easymotion-linebackward)

let g:EasyMotion_startofline = 0 " keep cursor colum when JK motion
let g:EasyMotion_smartcase = 1   " be a bit zalier about what to target
let g:EasyMotion_do_shade = 1
let g:EasyMotion_inc_highlight = 1
let g:EasyMotion_move_highlight = 1
let g:EasyMotion_landing_highlight = 1
" ===========================================

When I first open a new neovim window and hit, for instance, '/', nvim freezes for ~3 seconds before the font dims and I start searching.

This does not happen in macvim, fwiw.

The next time I do this in the same buffer or a newly opened one, it's fine.

sanwv commented Sep 2, 2015

me too

easymotion-s is very slow


Confirming the issue.


Sorry for the late response.
Could you run profiling? See :h profile


I improved first loading time #282. Can you update the plugin and try it again?

diefans commented Mar 24, 2016

For neovim/mac/iterm2 I can confirm dramatic improvements of loading time and first-use-time-of-easymotion. Thanks man!



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