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EasyQuery ASP.NET Core Samples

ASP.NET Core 2.0 projects which demonstrate how to use EasyQuery in different web-application scenarios.


To run these samples you will need:

Getting started with Visual Studio

  • Clone the repository
  • Open EqAspNetCoreSamples.sln solution file in Visual Studio
  • Build and run.

Gettings started with command-line

  • Clone the repository
  • Run Command Prompt and change current directory to the project's folder for one of the demo projects (e.g. EasyReportDemo)
  • Type dotnet build to build the project
  • Type dotnet run to run it
  • Open localhost:5000 in your browser.

Sample database

All of these demo projects work with some sample database. That database is created and initialized automatically at the first start. It may take some time (about 1-2 minutes) - so, please don't worry. Next time the app will be up and ready in a few seconds after launch.

The sample database is created in your SQL Express LocalDB instance by default. To change that you can modify the connection string in appsettings.json file in the project's folder.