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EasyQuery.JS samples for various server-side platforms: NodeJs, PHP, Java
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EasyQuery.JS Samples


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About EasyQuery.JS

EasyQuery.JS - is a JavaScript library designed to simplify different data-retrieval tasks, such as complex search, data filtering and ad hoc reporting. To see EasyQuery.JS in action - please visit our online demos.

About this repository

The main task of EasyQuery.JS - is to provide your application with a friendly UI for query building or data filtering. Of course to work with the data this library needs some server-side part. The most comprehensive server-side library that works with EasyQuery.JS is called EasyQuery.NET and it's available for .NET platform. You can use it either in ASP.NET or ASP.NET Core solutions. Here are GitHub repositories that countains the source code for different .NET / .NET Core samples for EasyQuery:

However, what you can do if your don't use neither ASP.NET nor ASP.NET Core on your backend?

There is a possibility to use EasyQuery.JS on other platforms as well and this repository contains several examples of such projects for Java, PHP and Node.JS.

Directory structure

Currently, there are two main approaches of building sever-side solution that works with a EasyQuery.JS on the client-side: via OData and using EasyQuery Server.

So, that's why we have 2 main folders on the root level of this repository:

  1. odata contains the samples that uses OData protocol to provide EasyQuery.JS with the neccessary meta-information, execute the queries and return the result sets.

  2. eqs folder - there you can find the samples that requires EasyQuery Server (EQS) for their work. All those projects uses free SqlQueryBuilder web-service but it will work the same way if you install EQS on your own host.

For more information on how to set up and run a particular sample on your platform please read the README in the corresponding folder:

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