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EasySOA Registry is an open, agile and non-instrusive governance solution for service-oriented Information Systems.

EasySOA Light helps testing new things out, and EasySOA Integration makes it all fit in your Information System. Together, they build on the web and Open Source technologies to make Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) simpler to use.

Use EasySOA

EasySOA Distribution

Using EasySOA v2.0 Using EasySOA v1.0 Using demo v0.4 v0.3 v0.2 v0.1

Using specific components

Service discovery At design time
Importing an SCA model (in 0.4), Exporting from Eclipse JWT et al.
At development time
Parsing Java source code, by using FraSCAti or Talend's Studios
At runtime
By Browsing (manual set up), By Monitoring, At runtime startup (in 0.4), By classpath analysis(in 0.4), Using OW2 Jasmine probes
Service registry Service indicators Matching dashboard Endpoint state indicators
Service browsing SOAPUI Integration Collaborative features
Overview (OBSOLETE for 0.4) Services monitoring dashboard (in 0.4) Runtime management (in 0.4)
(for 0.4) Setting up the service registry outside of a release
Light service development FraSCAti Studio Service Scaffolder Exchange record, replay & more
Sanitizing services Publishing and forking environments (in 0.4) SOA sanity check dashboard (in 0.4) Scheduled validation & report (in 0.4)
Event subscription Setting up the service event subscription UI Using the service event subscription UI in production
Integration extensions Business Process design and export to EasySOA using Eclipse JWT ECM export SOA-consistent BPM solution with Scarbo 2 Business monitoring using EasiFab, OW2 Jasmine and Talend SAM

Customizing EasySOA

Add new properties, document types or more Configure using Nuxeo Studio
(easy, online, visual way)
Making changes to the SOA model and API
(developer way, with technical reference)
Get the data in & out of the registry Accessing the SOA model remotely Bulk export
Discovery proxy configuration Discovery proxy configuration

Learn its architecture

Global architecture Current global architecture
Service registry Model overview Discovery API SCA Import
Runtime management
Other components EasySOA Light Discovery by Monitoring architecture Messaging API and templating engine


Getting started Development Environment Building EasySOA Projects hierarchy Coding conventions and licensing
Project tools Github issues Editing this wiki locally Continuous Integration
Help Git Quickstart

Developer documentation

General documentation

Service registry

Other components



Use Case

EasySOA Integration Architecture

General discussion