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Easystatic Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.


v0.1.11 - 2016-04-02

  • Use GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable when fetching repository stats from GitHub

v0.1.9 - 2016-03-24

  • Add base data variables to be used in EJS template(s). For example, when you run es deploy docs --repo=user/project, the base variable will be set to /project

v0.1.8 - 2016-03-24

  • Fix deployment script not being able to push dist folder to gh-pages branch

v0.1.7 - 2016-03-24

  • Add core-js polyfill to avoid potential compatibility issues with different Node.js versions

v0.1.6 - 2016-03-24

  • Add path and file data variables to be used in EJS template(s). For example, for a URL like, the path variable will be set to /recipes, and file will be set to recipes/
  • Add support of arbitrary static files from the assets folder (images, icons etc.)
  • Fix index files being not correctly resolved

v0.1.5 - 2016-03-24

v0.1.4 - 2016-03-23

  • Fix Browsersync middleware in start.js to correctly serve index files

v0.1.3 - 2016-03-23

  • Add support of GITHUB_USER, GITHUB_EMAIL, GITHUB_TOKEN environment variables that may help with automated deployments

v0.1.2 - 2016-03-23

  • Fix defaults.json not being found
  • Fix ESLint warnings in source code

v0.1.1 - 2016-03-22

  • Add github and npm data variables that can be used inside the templates. For example: <%= %>

v0.1.0 - 2016-03-19

  • Change the name of the main template from assets/layout.ejs to assets/main.ejs (BREAKING CHANGE)
  • Remove source maps from the generated main.css file in production mode
  • Add scaffolding and a default template (see template)
  • Add file with notable changes to this project
  • Add file with instructions on how to contribute to this project