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easystats: An R Framework for Easy Statistical Modeling, Visualization, and Reporting

easystats is a collection of R packages, which aims to provide a unifying and consistent framework to tame, discipline, and harness the scary R statistics and their pesky models.

However, there is not (yet) an unique "easystats" way of doing data analysis. Instead, start with one package and, when you'll face a new challenge, do check if there is an easystats answer for it in other packages. You will slowly uncover how using them together facilitates your life. And, who knows, you might even end up using them all.


  1. datawizard Public

    Magic potions to clean and transform your data 🧙

    R 114 9

  2. bayestestR Public

    👻 Utilities for analyzing Bayesian models and posterior distributions

    R 493 52

  3. parameters Public

    📊 Computation and processing of models' parameters

    R 327 29

  4. performance Public

    💪 Models' quality and performance metrics (R2, ICC, LOO, AIC, BF, ...)

    R 740 61

  5. effectsize Public

    🐉 Compute and work with indices of effect size and standardized parameters

    R 282 16

  6. see Public

    🎨 Visualisation toolbox for beautiful and publication-ready figures

    R 671 33




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