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Experiments with Universal Composability in EasyCrypt
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Experiments with Universal Composability in EasyCrypt

This repository contains experiments in formalizing Universally Composable (UC) Security using the EasyCrypt proof assistant. This is joint work between Boston University faculty

with the assistance of research students

In our architecture, functionalities (real protocols, or ideal functionalities) have hierarchical addresses, and we build abstractions that route messages to their destinations, modeling the coroutine-style communication of UC.

Secure Message Communication

In our first full example, we formalized the proof of the UC security of secure message communication using a one-time pad that's agreed using Diffie-Hellman key exchange. Our goal in this example was to test our EasyCrypt UC architecture, illustrating how instances of UC's composition operation and theorem may be formalized in EasyCrypt.

This work is described in the extended version of the CSF 2019 paper, EasyUC: Using EasyCrypt to Mechanize Proofs of Universally Composable Security.

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