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opensource esp32 wireless oscilloscope.

This project is intended to create opensource firmware and hardware for esp32 based wireless oscilloscope. I think that esp32 has enough resources to be used for the project. In case of success it will result in extremely cheap, but handy and fast enough oscilloscope that could be connected over bluetooth to PC or Android/iOS device.

Expected parameters are:

  1. 40Msps (8 or 10bit resolution);
  2. 4k samples memory;
  3. basic triggers (reising/falling edge with settable level).
  4. capacitive touch controls;
  5. led indicators;
  6. 40v input signal range (AC and DC)
  7. cost under 30usd.
  8. initial hardware will be implemented as extension board for lowcost esp32 dev boards (like Wemos or DOIT esp32).

Everybody is invited to contribute in this project.

Some demonstration videos: and

NOTE: the project is stopped. If you are interested in reasons of the decision please read this article: