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RF-Tools for KiCAD

compatibility: KiCAD 5.1.x

Rounder tools for tracks

(to be copied on KiCAD plugins dir)

  • Rounder for tracks (Action Plugin)
  • Solder Mask Expander (Action Plugin)
  • Track Length (Action Plugin)
  • Via Fence Generator (Action Plugin) [pyclipper required]
  • Trace Clearance Generator

Tracks Rounder

Solder Mask Expander

Track Lenght

Via Fence Generator

Trace Clearance Generator:

Generate a copper pour keepout for a selected trace.

Trace Clearance Generator

Footprint Wizards:

(to be copied on KiCAD plugins dir)

  • microwave RF Arc footprint wizard
  • microwave RF Mitered footprint wizard
  • microwave RF Taper footprint wizard

microwave RF Arc

microwave RF Mitered

microwave RF Taper

Simply launch the fotprint wizard and select the uwave tool:

microwave RF Wizards

Siblings/suggested plugins:

Via Stitching Generator

Via Stitching Generator

Via Teardrops Generator

Via Teardrops Generator