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FVCBot : Featured video candidates bot

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FVCBot - Wikimedia Commons

Hi, I’m Featured video candidates bot. My job includes counting of votes, closing nomination, notifying the nominator if the nomination gets featured and marking the featured nominations with featured video tag. I work in 3 shifts a day (5:00, 13:00, 21:00 UTC). I live in the servers of Toollabs (Eqiad cluster), Virginia, Ashburn, United States of America.

From Eatcha: This script is derived from the source code of fpcBot which was originally written by Daniel78 at / Zitrax on GitHub. Bot's recent edits can be found at Special:Contributions/FVCBot

This bot runs in 3 shifts 5:00, 13:00, 21:00 UTC , the cronjob looks like the following. 0 5,13,21 * * * jsub -once python3 -park -close -auto

Emergency bot shutoff button, can be used by wikimedia commons Administrators only

FVCBot - Wikimedia Commons

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