Code developed as part of NESP TWQ 2.2.3 project.
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Code developed as part of NESP TWQ Project 2.2.3 Early warning systems to minimize the risk of box jellyfish stings by empowering stakeholders

More informaiton on the project can be found at: and data record

Licence: this work is licenced under a Creative Commone Attribution 4.0 International Licence. ( Irukandji analysis 28/11/2017 Anthony J. Richardson

Jellyfish Forecasting System - Irukanji Analysis: development of forecast models for the risk of Irukanji and stinger events using the Venomous Jellyfish Database. This project used generalized linear and additive models relating to sting events to concurrent environmental variables including time series of modelled winds (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather forecasting (ECMWF)) and tides (Australian Bureau of Meteorolog).