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AMAR2000 client wercker status

Dashboard the environment data of an office and alerts when parameters enter unhealthy ranges.


npm install
npm install -g http-server
npm install -g webpack
npm install -g eslint
npm install -g eslint-config-airbnb
npm install -g eslint-plugin-react
npm install -g babel-eslint



Build continuously

webpack -w

Unit test

npm test

Unit test continuously

npm run test-watch

Run locally

http-server build/

Browse to http://localhost:8080 or 8081

Deploy to staging

Any code merged into the develop branch and pushed to the Github repository will be built on Wercker and then, if successful, deployed to Heroku staging environment.

[ develop branch ] => [Wercker pipeline] => [ Heroku staging ]

Browse to

Deploy to Heroku (production)

Promote the code that has been deployed to staging to the production environment by using the Heroku web app.

[ Heroku staging ] => [ Heroku production ]

Browse to

Note: all deployments can be rollbacked on the Heroku web app.

Tag a version that will be promoted to production

Create a tag with a version vX.Y.Z, following the canonical versioning rules.

Make sure the package.json file is changed accordingly with the correct version before deploying to the master branch and tagging it.


git tag -a v1.0.0 -m "Version deployed at the end of the Hackaton that launched this app."
git push --tags

Visual Studio Code setup [optional]

In your settings.json (User Settings), the following can be set to lint this project inline:

  "jshint.enable": false,
  "eslint.enable": true,
	"editor.tabSize": 2

You will also need to install the following plugins:

ext install eslint

Optionally, since this project is Wallaby enabled, you can install it:

ext install wallaby

Useful links:

Release history

Currently being developed: v1.0.1

v1.0.1 Refactoring and improvements (future release)

  • creation of a staging environment
  • post install step in package.json to run webpack
  • Wercker continuous integration and deployment to Staging
  • Heroku final deployment to Production
  • refactoring of dev and live dependencies to fit the post install step
  • removal of all build files from repos
  • range parameters moved to constants.js instead of hardcoded magic numbers
  • font name refactoring
  • robots.txt file
  • refactoring of Javascript to meet linting rules
  • readme documentation updated

v1.0.0 First release from initial Hackaton

  • initial mvp version
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