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Royalty management #16

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Eric Bariaux wbalcaen
Eric Bariaux

A royalty has a share value and is linked to one company, one application and zones.

Royalties are managed per company

Have a Royalty management entry in the menu

Top of page displays a dropdown of know companies -> select one

Below, on the left there is the list of royalties (the name displayed is the name of the application to which the royalty apply).
Have button to add a royalty.

When adding a royalty, right part displays a dropdown to select the application. The dropdown is filtered so that only applications for which a royalty is not yet defined are present.
Then a field to enter the share.
Then a multi-selection widget for the zones (2 columns with selected zones on left, non selected on right, <, <<, >, >> buttons between to the 2 lists to select or unselect zones).

When selecting an existing royalty, the applications dropdown is not present.
The share rate and zones widgets are present, filled with existing values.
There is a delete button to remove the royalty for this application.

wbalcaen wbalcaen referenced this issue from a commit
wbalcaen #16 : finished royalty management panel. Also, in sales report, solve…
…d menu header ghosting bug and window resizing problem
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wbalcaen wbalcaen referenced this issue from a commit
wbalcaen #16 : solved ghosting of first header. Vertical scrolling does not oc…
…cur anymore but there's another bug : pager only works with one of the two columns.
Eric Bariaux

Vertical scroller still does appear if application name takes more than 1 line, for instance use "ISF HDTV Professional Calibrator Grayscale Optical Comparator" as the application name.

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