GNOME Continuous presentation at GUADEC 2017
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Continuous: Past, present, and future

On Saturday, July 29th, at 12:15 (Turing – G29)

Since 2012, a service in the GNOME infrastructure has been constantly building GNOME modules, committing the result to Ostree, and running automated tests on the whole OS. From a single Git commit to a full blown virtual machine in a matter of minutes. This service is called GNOME Continuous, our own continuous integration and delivery pipeline.

Continuous has been the major driver to improve the quality of the whole GNOME project: for developers, by building their work; for designers, by providing a bootable VM to perform design iteration and QA; to newcomers, by ensuring that tools like jhbuild would be more reliable; to distributors and OSVs, who could ensure their products would be based on a reliable set of components.

In this presentation we will talk about how Continuous came to be, thanks to the work of Colin Walters; how it works; what are the goals of a CI/CD pipeline like Continuous; and where do we go from here.

GUADEC 2017, Manchester

Released under the terms of the CC by-sa 4.0 license