@ebassi ebassi released this Jun 13, 2018 · 9 commits to master since this release

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New stable release.

The main change is that we've now disabled SIMD optimisations on 32 bit Intel architectures; there aren't many of those left, and in general compilers have been less than stellar when supporting SIMD types on them. This is especially problematic when it comes to using Graphene types inside other allocated structures, where SIMD alignment rules break system allocators on platforms like Windows. To avoid introducing weird bugs, if you're on 32 bit IA, you're only going to have access to the scalar SIMD implementation.

List of changes since 1.8.0:

  • Fix include header reference in the GIR [Rico Tzschichholz]
  • #114: Check if C pre-processor symbols are available before using them
  • #121: Remove unused GObject hiearchy chapter from the API reference
  • Fix the include header declaration in the API reference
  • Various fixes for building with MSYS2 [Christoph Reiter]
  • Fix various double to float conversion warnings
  • Disable SSE2 and GCC vector SIMD implementations on 32bit IA
  • Ensure that different SIMD implementations do not break ABI
  • Require MSVC 2017 for 32bit builds on Windows/Visual Studio