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Graphene 1.9.6 (snapshot)

@ebassi ebassi released this
· 100 commits to master since this release
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A new snapshot, probably the last towards the 1.10 stable release.

New API and fixes needed by GThree, documentation fixes, and a substantial reorganisation of the repository.

Changes since 1.9.4

  • Add radians based initialisers for graphene_euler_t
  • Use pragma once for the header inclusion guard
  • Remove unused function (#159)
  • Add multiply(), scale(), and add() operators to graphene_quaternion_t
  • Add lerp() operator to all vector types
  • Add graphene_plane_transform()
  • Documentation updates for graphene_ray_t
  • Fix graphene_box_get_center() and graphene_box_get_bounding_sphere() (#165)
  • Ensure that we detect empty or infinite boxes in the graphene_box_t API