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Ansible Deployment Test Ansible Lint Release and Changelog Builder

Ansible role for a BigBlueButton installation

This role is following the documentation on

Also check Before you install and Minimum server requirements from the official documentation as they also apply here.

  • ℹ️ PR #275 removed the option of installing Greenlight. Please checkout another project for Greenlight support
  • ℹ️ PR #276 removed the option of installing coturn. Please checkout another project for coturn support

Role Variables



Required Variable Name Function Default value Comment
⚠️ bbb_hostname Hostname for this BigBlueButton instance {{ ansible_fqdn }}
bbb_version Install specified BigBlueButton version focal-250 For installing specified BigBlueButton version e.g. bionic-230-2.3.15
bbb_state Install BigBlueButton to state present for updating BigBlueButton with this role use latest
bbb_apt_mirror apt repo server for BigBlueButton packages other value would be e.g.
bbb_letsencrypt_enable Enable letsencrypt/HTTPS yes
⚠️ when using letsencrypt bbb_letsencrypt_email E-mail for use with letsencrypt
bbb_letsencrypt_api Set letsencrypt api Use this variable to change letsencrypt API URL (example: staging API
bbb_letsencrypt_repo The github repo to use for renewal handling - default
bbb_letsencrypt_dir The directory to store the repo /opt/acme
bbb_letsencrypt_version Which version to clone master
bbb_letsencrypt_keep_updated Keep updated true
bbb_letsencrypt_install_command The command to install See defaults/main.yaml
bbb_letsencrypt_create_command The command to create certificate See defaults/main.yaml
bbb_own_cert Custom ssl cert file to deploy (instead of letsencrypt)
bbb_own_key Custom ssl private key file to deploy
bbb_nginx_privacy only log errors not access yes
bbb_nginx_listen_https nginx: use https yes This is useful for a reverse proxy configuration where the BBB server is behind a load balancing server like haproxy that does SSL termination
bbb_nginx_root Default nginx www path of BigBlueButton /var/www/bigbluebutton-default Set the default nginx www path of BigBlueButton
bbb_ssl_cert Define the ssl cert location/name "/etc/letsencrypt/live/{{ bbb_hostname }}/fullchain.pem"
bbb_ssl_key Define the ssl key location/name "/etc/letsencrypt/live/{{ bbb_hostname }}/privkey.pem"
bbb_default_welcome_message Welcome Message in the client Welcome to %%CONFNAME%%!

For help on using BigBlueButton see these (short) tutorial videos.

To join the audio bridge click the phone button. Use a headset to avoid causing background noise for others.
Needs to be encoded with native2ascii -encoding UTF8!
bbb_default_welcome_message_footer Footer of the welcome message This server is running BigBlueButton. Encoded as the welcome message
bbb_default_presentation Location of default presentation "${bigbluebutton.web.serverURL}/{{ bbb_custom_presentation_name | default('default.pdf') }}"
bbb_custom_presentation Overwrite the default.pdf None Location of a custom presentation will be renamed to default.pdf if bbb_custom_presentation_name is not defined - see Ansible search paths for where to place your custom pdf - Example playbooks/files/default.pdf
bbb_custom_presentation_name Set a custom presentation name None Instead of overwriting the default.pdf setting the name will add for example the customer.pdf
bbb_use_default_logo Determines if a default-logo should be used if api-parameter "logo" is not used false The (default) logo is displayed at the top left corner.
bbb_default_logo_url Set a URL for the default logo ${bigbluebutton.web.serverURL}/images/logo.png
bbb_custom_logo Overwrite default logo.png None Location of a custom presentation will be renamed to logo.png if bbb_custom_logo_name is not defined - see Ansible search paths for where to place your custom png - Example playbooks/files/logo.png
bbb_custom_logo_name Set a custom logo name None Instead of overwriting the logo.png setting the name will add for example the custom-logo.png
bbb_web_logouturl set logout URL default Instead of using bigbluebutton.web.serverURL as default logout page, set another URL or customize logout page e.g. ${bigbluebutton.web.serverURL}/logout.html. API create call with the logoutURL parameter overwrite this setting
bbb_allow_request_without_session Enable or disable allow request without session false Allow requests without JSESSIONID to be handled
bbb_turn_enable enable the use uf TURN in general yes
bbb_stun_servers a list of STUN-Server to use {{ bbb_hostname }} an array with key server - take a look in defaults/main.yml
bbb_ice_servers a list of RemoteIceCandidate for STUN [] in array with key server
bbb_turn_servers a list of TURN-Server to use {} take a look in defaults/main.yml
bbb_mongodb_version version of mongodb to be installed 4.2
`bbb_mongodb_tmpfs_size' tmpfs size for the mongodb 512m
bbb_disable_recordings Disable options in gui to have recordings no Recordings are running constantly in background which is relevant as privacy relevant user data is stored
bbb_api_demos_enable enable installation of the api demos no
bbb_client_log_enable enable installation of the nginx-full and config for client logging according to BBB Customization Docs. See "METEOR" Section below for needed bbb_meteor values. false
bbb_mute_on_start start with muted mic on join no
bbb_app_log_level set bigbluebutton log level DEBUG
bbb_freeswitch_log_level set freeswitch log level warning
bbb_etherpad_log_level set etherpad log level INFO
bbb_fsels_akka_log_level set the loglevel between freeswitch and bbb-apps ERROR
bbb_apps_akka_log_level set the loglevel for bbb-apps-akka ERROR
bbb_meteor overwrite settings in meteor {}
bbb_kurento_interfaces Specify the listening interfaces for kurento {{ [ansible_default_ipv4.interface, 'lo'] }}
bbb_nodejs_version version of nodejs to be installed 12.x
bbb_system_locale the system locale to use en_US.UTF-8
bbb_secret define the shared secret for bbb none Set this if you want to define the bbb-secret. Otherwise the secret is generated by bbb. Supported characters are [a-zA-Z0-9]
bbb_freeswitch_ipv6 Enable IPv6 support in FreeSWITCH true Disable to fix FreeSWITCH IPv6 error
bbb_freeswitch_ip_address Set IP address for FreeSWITCH's wss-binding {{ ansible_default_ipv4.address }} Can be used when port 7443 is already in use on {{ ansible_default_ipv4.address }} or in IPv6-only setups.
bbb_freeswitch_external_ip Set stun server for sip and rtp on FreeSWITCH stun:{{ (bbb_stun_servers | first).server }} WARNING: the value of the default freeswitch installation is
bbb_recording_config overwrite recording settings {} See Enable playback of recordings on iOS. It works like bbb_meteor by merging your custom config with the server config.
bbb_dialplan_quality Set quality of dailplan for FreeSWITCH cdquality
bbb_dialplan_energy_level Set energy level of dailplan for FreeSWITCH 100 only for selected profile bbb_dialplan_quality
bbb_dialplan_comfort_noise Set comfort noise of dailplan for FreeSWITCH 1400 Allowed values: (0-10000
bbb_webhooks_enable install bbb-webhooks no
bbb_check_for_running_meetings Check server and stop playbook in case of running meetings. Attention: Currently the check is done only after Docker and NodeJS Roles have already run. true
bbb_monitoring_all_in_one_enable deploy all in one monitoring stack (docker) no
bbb_monitoring_all_in_one_version Deprecated, use bbb_monitoring_exporter_version instead
bbb_monitoring_all_in_one_directory Directory for the docker compose files /root/bbb-monitoring
bbb_monitoring_all_in_one_port Internal Port for the monitoring werbservice 3001
bbb_monitoring_all_in_one_grafana Enable(true)/Disable(false) the Grafana container true
bbb_monitoring_all_in_one_prometheus Enable(true)/Disable(false) the prometheus container true
bbb_monitoring_all_in_one_external Deprecated, use bbb_monitoring_external instead Can be reached under /mon/bbb and /mon/node - requires htpasswd and htpasswd_user
bbb_monitoring_all_in_one_htpasswd_user Deprecated, use bbb_monitoring_htpasswd_user instead
bbb_monitoring_all_in_one_htpasswd Deprecated, use bbb_monitoring_htpasswd instead
bbb_monitoring_recordings_from_disk Collect recordings metrics by querying the disk instead of the API. See this for details. true
bbb_monitoring_external Enable exposure to nginx false Can be reached under /mon/bbb and /mon/node - requires htpasswd and htpasswd_user. If bbb_monitoring_systemd_enable is enabled, no Node Exporter installation process is included
⚠️ when using external monitoring bbb_monitoring_htpasswd_user The user for the htpasswd Undefined
⚠️ when using external monitoring bbb_monitoring_htpasswd The password for the htpasswd Undefined
bbb_monitoring_exporter_version Version of the BigBlueButton Exporter for docker and systemd latest if docker image is enabled or HEAD if systemd is enabled If bbb_monitoring_all_in_one_enable is enabled, the Docker images tags can be used. If bbb_monitoring_systemd_enable is enabled, the Git release tags can be used.
bbb_monitoring_systemd_enable Deploy monitoring as systemd service (not recommended) false Works only when bbb_monitoring_all_in_one_enable is false
bbb_monitoring_systemd_directory Installation directory for git repository "/opt/bigbluebutton-exporter"
bbb_monitoring_systemd_port Port of bbb-exporter 9688 default port 9866 is defined by the exporter itself
bbb_monitoring_systemd_bind_ip Port of bbb-exporter default bind IP is defined by the exporter itself
bbb_dialin_enabled enable phone dial-in, will also remove any previous dial-in configuration if set to false false
bbb_dialin_provider_proxy IP or Domain of your SIP provider, also known as registrar
bbb_dialin_provider_username Username for authentication on the SIP-server provider-account
bbb_dialin_provider_password Password for authentication on the SIP-server provider-password
bbb_dialin_provider_extension Extension of your SIP account 6135551234
bbb_dialin_default_number Number to present to users for dial-in. Enable bbb_dialin_overwrite_footer or use %%DIALNUM%% and %%CONFNUM%% in you footer (see bbb_default_welcome_message_footer) 6135551234
bbb_dialin_mask_caller Mask caller-number in the BBB web-interface for privacy reasons (01711233121xxx-xxx-3121)
bbb_dialin_default_play_and_get_digits Phone dialin-pin entry voice dialog 5 7 3 10000 # conference/conf-pin.wav ivr/ivr-that_was_an_invalid_entry.wav pin \\d+ 5000 Usage <min> <max> <tries> <timeout> <terminators> See this for more details
bbb_dialin_overwrite_footer Set the default dial-in footer instead of bbb_default_welcome_message_footer false
bbb_dialin_footer The default dial-in notice, if you want to customize it, it is recommended to change bbb_default_welcome_message_footer instead <br><br>To join this meeting by phone, dial:<br> %%DIALNUM%%<br>Then enter %%CONFNUM%% as the conference PIN number.
bbb_guestpolicy How guest can access ALWAYS_ACCEPT acceptable options: ALWAYS_ACCEPT, ALWAYS_DENY, ASK_MODERATOR
bbb_ntp_cron Disable automatic time synchronisation and instead configure a cronjob false
bbb_ntp_cron_day Day of the month the time-sync job should run *
bbb_ntp_cron_hour Hour when the time-sync job should run 5
bbb_ntp_cron_minute Minute when the time-sync job should run 0
bbb_cron_history Retention period for presentations, kurento, and freeswitch caches 5
bbb_cron_unrecorded_days Retention period of recordings for meetings with no recording markers 14
bbb_cron_published_days Retention period of recordings’ raw data 14
bbb_cron_log_history Set the retention period of old log files 28
bbb_html5_node_options Allow to set extra options for node for the html5-webclient unset Could be used for example with bigbluebutton/bigbluebutton#11183 ; --max-old-space-size=4096 --max_semi_space_size=128
⚠️ bbb_freeswitch_socket_password set password for freeswitch Can be generated with pwgen -s 16 1
⚠️ bbb_freeswitch_default_password set the default password for freeswitch Can be generated with pwgen -s 16 1
bbb_html5_backend_processes amount of html5 backend processes 1 min = 1; max = 4
bbb_html5_frontend_processes amount of html5 frontend processes 1 min = 1; max = 4; or 0 to let the same process do front- and backend (2.2 behavior)
bbb_html5_frontend_max_old_space_size max-old-space-size in frontends 2048
bbb_container_compat Compatibility with unprivileged containers false Enabling this option allows to deploy BBB into a unprivileged container
bbb_firewall_ufw A dict of rules for the ufw see defaults/main.yml can also be used to allow/deny more/less
bbb_ufw_allow_networks_custom List of additional networks to be allowed by UFW Not defined
bbb_ufw_reject_networks_custom List of additional networks to be rejected by UFW Not defined
bbb_ssh_port Allow and limit the port used for SSH access 22
bbb_max_file_size_upload Maximum file size for an uploaded presentation (default 30MB - number must be in byte) 30000000
bbb_default_max_users Default maximum number of users a meeting can have 0 Meeting doesn't have a user limit
bbb_default_meeting_duration Default duration of the meeting in minutes 0 Meeting doesn't end
bbb_max_num_pages Maximum number of pages allowed for an uploaded presentation 200
bbb_max_conversion_time Number of minutes the conversion should take 5 If it takes more than this time, cancel the conversion process
bbb_num_conversion_threads Number of threads in the pool to do the presentation conversion 5
bbb_num_file_processor_threads Number of threads to process file uploads 2
bbb_office_to_pdf_conversion_timeout Timeout(secs) to wait for conversion script execution 60
bbb_office_to_pdf_max_concurrent_conversions Max concurrent of conversion script execution 4
bbb_freeswitch_muted_sound Enable muted sound (you are now muted) true
bbb_freeswitch_unmuted_sound Enable unmuted sound (you are now unmuted) true
bbb_breakout_rooms_enabled Enable or disable breakout rooms true
bbb_breakout_rooms_record Enable or disable recording in breakout rooms false
bbb_breakout_rooms_privatechat_enabled Enable or disable private chat in breakout rooms true
bbb_docker_compose_version Set docker-compose python package version see defaults/main.yml Sets the version of the docker-compose python package
bbb_docker_passwd Password to Docker Hub login Not defined (default: disabled) Set a Docker Hub password. When defined is used to avoid rate limits
bbb_docker_user Username to Docker Hub login Not defined (default: disabled) Set a Docker Hub user. When defined is used to avoid rate limits
bbb_etherpad_disable_cursortrace_plugin Disable or enable cursortrace plugin for etherpad false Set to true if you want to avoid displaying names at cursor position in shared notes
bbb_user_inactivity_inspect_timer User inactivity audit timer interval in minutes 0 If 0 inactivity inspection is deactivated
bbb_user_inactivity_threshold Number of minutes to consider a user inactive 30 A warning message is send to client to check if really inactive
bbb_webcams_only_for_moderator Allow webcams streaming reception only to and from moderators false
bbb_allow_mods_to_eject_cameras Allow moderators to eject webcams false
bbb_user_activity_sign_response_delay Number of minutes for user to respond to inactivity warning before being logged out 5
bbb_learning_dashboard_enabled Enable true / Disable false the Learning Dashboard true
bbb_default_meeting_layout Default Meeting Layout. Default Meeting Layout. Valid values are CUSTOM_LAYOUT, SMART_LAYOUT, PRESENTATION_FOCUS, VIDEO_FOCUS SMART_LAYOUT


With settings bbb_meteor it is possible to overwrite / change settings of meteor.

The following example is from

      url: "https://{{ inventory_hostname }}/pad"
      skipCheck: false
      mirrorOwnWebcam: true
      enableMultipleCameras: true
      enableNetworkInformation: true
      breakoutRoomLimit: 16
        enabled: false
      sipjsHackViaWs: true
      wsUrl: "wss://{{ inventory_hostname }}/bbb-webrtc-sfu"
      - id: low-u30
        name: low-u30
        bitrate: 30
        hidden: true
          frameRate: 3
      - id: low-u25
        name: low-u25
        bitrate: 40
        hidden: true
          frameRate: 3
      - id: low-u20
        name: low-u20
        bitrate: 50
        hidden: true
          frameRate: 5
      - id: low-u15
        name: low-u15
        bitrate: 70
        hidden: true
          frameRate: 8
      - id: low-u12
        name: low-u12
        bitrate: 90
        hidden: true
          frameRate: 10
      - id: low-u8
        name: low-u8
        bitrate: 100
        hidden: true
          frameRate: 10
      - id: low
        name: Low quality
        default: false
        bitrate: 50
      - id: medium
        name: Medium quality
        default: true
        bitrate: 200
      - id: high
        name: High quality
        default: false
        bitrate: 500
      - id: hd
        name: High definition
        default: false
        bitrate: 1200
        enabled: true
          - threshold: 8
            profile: low-u8
          - threshold: 12
            profile: low-u12
          - threshold: 15
            profile: low-u15
          - threshold: 20
            profile: low-u20
          - threshold: 25
            profile: low-u25
          - threshold: 30
            profile: low-u30
        baseTimeout: 30000
        enabled: true
        pageChangeDebounceTime: 2500
          moderator: 16
          viewer: 16
          moderator: 8
          viewer: 8

User Feedback logging

To enable client logging and/or userfeedback, you need to set bbb_client_log_enable to true add the following keys here:

      askForFeedbackOnLogout: true
        enabled: true
        url: "https://{{ bbb_hostname }}/html5log"

Modification of bbb_webrtc_sfu_multikurento

To add new keys to bbb_webrtc_sfu_multikurento, the defaults are actually stored in bbb_webrtc_sfu_multikurento_default and then assigned to bbb_webrtc_sfu_multikurento.

That way you can add new keys like something like this:

      maxaveragebitrate: "64000"

bbb_webrtc_sfu_multikurento: "{{ bbb_webrtc_sfu_multikurento_default | combine(tempvar)  }}"

LXD/LXC compatibility

To run BigBlueButton in unprivileged LXD/LXC containers, you have to set bbb_container_compat to true.

Phone dial-in

Example configuration using sipgate for dial-in. Be sure to check with your provider if this usage is permitted.

bbb_dialin_enabled: true
bbb_dialin_provider_proxy: ''
bbb_dialin_provider_username: '158d43584d'
bbb_dialin_provider_password: 'xxxx-secret-xxxx'
bbb_dialin_provider_extension: '133713374223'
bbb_dialin_default_number: '0133 713-337-4223'
bbb_dialin_mask_caller: true
bbb_dialin_overwrite_footer: true


Example Playbook

This is an example of how to use this role. Warning: the values of the variables should be changed!

Assuming the following directory structure:

├── ansible
    ├── roles
    │   └── ebbba.bigbluebutton
    ├── playbooks
    │   └── bigbluebutton.yml
    └── inventory
        ├── hosts
        ├── group_vars
        │   └── bigbluebutton
        │       └── bbb.yml
        └── host_vars
                └── vars.yml

You can follow these steps inside your ansible directory to clone the repository and use the example playbook and variable configuration files:

  1. Clone the repository in your roles directory. (git clone roles/ebbba.bigbluebutton)

  2. Copy the sample inventory hosts file or append its containt to your already existing hosts file(cp roles/ebbba.bigbluebutton/examples/hosts inventory/hosts).

  3. Edit the inventory hosts file (inventory/hosts) to include all the hosts you want in the bigbluebutton group.

  4. Create a directory with the name of the group inside group_vars (mkdir inventory/group_vars/bigbluebutton).

  5. Copy the group_vars sample configuration file to the directory you created (cp roles/ebbba.bigbluebutton/examples/bbb.yml inventory/group_vars/bigbluebutton/bbb.yml).

  6. Edit the group configuration file (inventory/group_vars/bigbluebutton/bbb.yml) to your liking. You should put here all the options that are common among all your bbb servers.

  7. Create a directory for each of your servers to hold its configuration (mkdir inventory/host_vars/<your-domain>).

  8. Copy the sample configuration file to each of the servers configuration directory (cp roles/ebbba.bigbluebutton/examples/vars.yml inventory/host_vars/<your-domain>/vars.yml).

  9. Edit the host configuration file (inventory/host_vars/<your-domain>/vars.yml) to your liking. You should put here all the host specific options. Setting a variable here will override its value set in inventory/group_vars/bigbluebutton/bbb.yml.

  10. Copy the sample playbook (cp roles/ebbba.bigbluebutton/examples/playbook/bigbluebutton.yml playbooks).

  11. Run the playbook using ansible-playbook -i inventory/hosts playbooks/bigbluebutton.yml.

Event though all the variables are explained above, you may also take a look at roles/ebbba.bigbluebutton/defaults/main.yml and see if there's something you'd like to copy over and override in your vars.yml and bbb.yml configuration files.