Brings RTL_AIS to Android.Turn your Android device to an cheap AIS receiver. You need a Android device and a RTL-SDR dongle.
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[Update 2016] Try out better stable version

Brings the rtl_ais to the Android plattform

Is an application that allows you to send NMEA message in your Android applications or to other applications.
Sending is done via UDP network stream

All you need is to launch an intent in the form "NEMAsrc:://arguments" where you replace arguments with the arguments that you want your application to run  with and the magic will be done behind the scenes! More HOWTO coming soon!
-l xxx left freq (default: 161.975 MHz )
-r xxx right freq (default: 162.025 MHz )
-s xxx sample rate ( default: 24000 )
-o xxx output rate ( default: 48000 )
-D     dc_filter off (default: on )
-d xxx device index
-g xxx gain
-p xxx ppm error
-R     Auto Gain ON (default: off )
-A     Use internal aisdecoder ((default: on )
-P xxx AIS Decoder output port
-w xxx bandwith
-h xxx AIS decoder host adr
-n     Debug NEMA messages (default: off )
-L     AIS show levels ON
-S xxx AIS seconds for decoder stat
-x     Without TCP Comand thread


Port of rtl_tcp_andro driver from Martin Marinov
Port of the rtl_ais project

The modifications are released under GNU. See COPYING for details. 
For more information on rtl_tcp_andro
For more information on rtl_ais
For more information on rtl-sdr: 
For more information on libusb: