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kaltsimon and ebdrup Support for data: URIs (#59)
* Allow data-urls.

* Added missing semicolon.

* Added actual PDF-generation for data-urls.

* Added tests for data-urls.

* Documented data URIs in README and index.html.
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logo html2pdf.it

Generate PDFs from any web-page. You need Node.js to run it.

See it in action at: html2pdf.it.

Works out of the box on both Windows and Ubuntu. On Mac you need to:

brew install phantomjs

To get started you need to clone the repository, cd to it and run:

npm install

Running webserver locally

node open.js

This also opens your web-browser pointing to your locally running html2pdf.it:

Running webserver

node .

If you want to host html2pdf.it yourself, you will have to ask your host if they support hosting Node.js applications.

If your host does not support Node.js, you'll need to find a new host that does. Check out Heroku or Nodejitsu for example.

Running tests

npm test

Page breaks

You can use the CSS attribute:

page-break-before: always;

Data URIs

You can use data URIs like the following to generate PDFs for arbitrary HTML:


As described on Wikipedia, the data URI should have the following format:

data:[<media type>][;base64],<data>