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loading configuration files for node modules. If you are building a node module that needs a configuration file, that the user of the module creates, you have come to the right place.

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You are building a module MyModule with a user config file

The module MyModule has a configuration, by convention this configuration specified in in the file config.js.

  • In project Main the module MyModule is required.
  • In project Main the module ExternalModule is also required.
  • ExternalModule also requires MyModule

This means that when the module ExternalModule uses MyModule the configuration should be loaded from Main/node_modules/ExternalModule/config.js, and when the project Main uses the module MyModule the configuration should be loaded from Main/config.js


Because Main and ExternalModule both require the same version of MyModule. npm only installs MyModule in Main/node_modules/MyModule. MyModule is not installed in Main/node_modules/ExternalModule/node_modules/MyModule.

Therefore the require-ing MyModule from the code ExternalModule in does not load the correct config. It loads the config from Main/config.js and not from Main/node_modules/ExternalModule/config.js as it should. The Main projects config overrides the ExternalModule config.


Use moduleconfig in the module MyModule

MyModule.js is the main file pointed to by the package.json in the MyModule module

var moduleConfig = require("moduleconfig");
module.exports = moduleConfig(["config.js"], function(configFilePath){
	return instantiateMyModulefromConfig(require(configFilePath));

You will have to implement the instantiateMyModulefromConfig function yourself.

This will mean that this:

var myModule = require("MyModule");

will return an myModule based on Main/node_modules/ExternalModule/config.js when MyModule is required from a javascript file anywhere in the path Main/node_modules/ExternalModule/...

and it will return an myModule based on Main/config.js when MyModule is required by code in Main.