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Note that this effectively is a change in behaviour wrt migration generation and execution with MySql and SQL Server using stored procedures to deal with some the complexities involved in the DDL with those DB's.


#1451 - DB Migration with helper stored procedures (for MySql and SQL Server)


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#1454 FIX: support for ScalarTypeConverter and @lob
#1457 Issue with @manytoone with @EmbeddedId where only some columns are insertable or updatable
#1456 io.ebean.annotation.NotNull not honored by @manytoone property
#1455 FIX: null handling in ScalarType.toBeanType


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#1453 @formula property included in DDL when on @Inheritance bean and without @transient
#1452 Deleting a bean does not invalidate the bean cache (Regression from 11.18.1 - introduced by #1427)
#1449 Failing testcase with lazy fetch (when logical property name starts with underscore)
#1450 Fix Transaction Flushing when ID Property is Loaded


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#1447 Delete query ... should honour cascading delete if defined bug


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#1444 JSON parsing with inheritance - java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: cannot create entity bean for abstract entity ...


#1443 Bump ebean-migration to 11.7.1 (which adds JdbcMigration support and "I" run first repeatable migrations)


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#1442 Add support to set ebean.dbSchema ... (~ default DB schema) with create-all.sql and DB migrations (so it all just works)
#1435 Migration enum drop check constraints


@rbygrave rbygrave released this Jun 26, 2018 · 48 commits to master since this release

API Changes:

#1434 Remove deprecated API from EbeanServer - finder methods that take explicit transaction. Migrate to use ebeanServer.extended()
#1417 Breaking API - Remove PersistBatch.INSERT ... migrate to PersistBatch.ALL


#1441 Update ebean-dbmigration.xsd adding missing alterForeignKey element
#1439 IllegalArgumentException: No rule for io.ebeaninternal.dbmigration.migration.Sql@315df4bb
#1438 Mapping of @elementcollection with an Enum that is otherwise not used produces error
#1437 or(expr, expr) ... where expr has a ToMany should produce a LEFT JOIN (and instead we only get JOIN) #1436 PersistenceException: Query threw SQLException:No ScalarType registered for class java.util.Arrays$ArrayList Query was:select id, name from o_customer where id = any(?)
#1431 Refactor internals for RemoteTransactionEvent binary serialisation
#1432 Refactor internals for RemoteTransactionEvent / BeanPersistIds ... to not send inserted ids
#1433 Remove io.ebeaninternal.api.SpiContainerBootup ... which was replaced by io.ebean.config.AutoConfigure
#1429 #1427 - QueryCache should be cleared, if one of a dependent bean is u…


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#1430 Regression (from 11.10.1) - DataSource user not set ... due to PrimaryServer System.setProperty("ebean_db", defaultServerName);
#1425 Stateless update with OneToMany with SoftDelete and deleteMissingChildren = true ... does a hard delete
#1424 Deprecate / Move ... finder methods that take explicit transaction to ExtendedServer API


#1428 ENH: Use java.time.Clock for @whenmodified and @whencreated and allow it to be Replaceable for testing
#1426 ENH: Add bitwiseNot expression ... e.g. bitwiseNot("flags", BwFlags.HAS_COLOUR)


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#1422 FIX: applied history drops were not recognized
#1423 Close resources - InputStream of entity bean properties of File type
#1421 Nested programatic transaction using autoclose / try with resources ... does not end()/rollback() the parent/outer transaction
#1419 Refactor - saveAll() and deleteAll() ... when collections are empty skip transaction init check
#1400 Postgres @history table sys_period empty with multiple updates


#1420 ENH: Add a ServiceLoader mechanism to configure ServerConfig - io.ebean.config.ServerConfigProvider
#1418 Add saveAll() and deleteAll() to io.ebean.BeanRepository


@rbygrave rbygrave released this Jun 11, 2018 · 93 commits to master since this release


#1414 Support dynamic aggregate formula without alias e.g. query.select("date, sum(totalKms), sum(hours)")
#1415 Add asDto(Class dtoClass) ... to ExpressionList to support fluid style