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<title>DTO Query | Intro | Ebean</title>
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<h2>DTO Query</h2>
We can specify the query as SQL and have that automatically mapped into DTO beans.
In typical recent applications around <code>10%</code> of queries were DTO queries.
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<div class="code-java">
<pre content="java">
public class CustomerDto {
Integer id;
String name;
... // getters & setters
List<|CustomerDto> beans =
DB.findDto(CustomerDto.class, "select id, name from customer where name = ?")
.setParameter(1, "Rob")
<div class="code-kt">
<pre content="kotlin">
class CustomerDto {
var id: Int = 0
var name: String? = null
val beans =
DB.findDto(, "select id, name from customer where name = ?")
.setParameter(1, "Rob")
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