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Herz3h commented Jan 2, 2017


This is probably a stupid question but i can't include the library in my rails application.

I added this to my Gemfile

gem 'exchanger'
and after running bundle, it got installed properly.

But when i try to do this :

folder = Exchanger::Folder.find(:calendar)
folder.items # return Exchanger::CalendarItem items

It tells me : uninitialized constant Exchanger

I added a require 'exchanger' in the controller where i put the code above. So i don't know what to do.

Please help, thanks!


@Herz3h it should work, can you check what happens in rails console when you do

require 'exchanger'

It should output something like:

$ gem install exchanger
Fetching: exchanger-0.2.0.gem (100%)
Successfully installed exchanger-0.2.0
$ irb
>> require "exchanger"
>> Exchanger

If you can't figure it out, can you show me your Gemfile and Gemfile.lock files?

Herz3h commented Jan 2, 2017 edited

It works in the IRB console after doing a manual :

gem install exchanger

But not in the rails application, and here's my Gemfile :

When i do :

require 'exchanger'

in the controller where i try to use Exchanger, i get cannot load such file.

Herz3h commented Jan 2, 2017

Ok it works, had to restart the server...Sorry and thanks for the help !

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