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portage-decruft - decruft /etc/portage

The current version of portage-decruft is 0.1.5-r4. A ChangeLog is also available.

portage-decruft checks your configuration in /etc/portage (package.keywords, package.mask, package.unmask and package.use) and reports on any redundant, obsolete or irrelevant entries. It is possible to ignore specific lines or whole blocks in the files, see Ignoring lines.

We also currently check the files /etc/portage/package.cflags, /etc/portage.cxxflags, /etc/portage.ldflags and /etc/portage.features. But since these files do not have a standard syntax, there is no way to implement a generic check for redundancy of the settings. Because of this, portage-decruft only checks the atoms for the basic Generic Issues.

portage-decruft has a list of so called issues which are checked for each file (SEE Understanding the output). By default all issues are considered, but you may exclude and include issues by using the --disable LIST and --enable LIST options.

portage-decruft does read-only operations and will not edit your system configuration by itself.

Image of portage-decruft in action

portage-decruft showing some issues for package.{use, mask,unmask,cflags}.


portage-decruft [OPTIONS]


-l, --list-issues   Show all available issues.

-e, --enable LIST   Enable the listed issues. Use ',' as separator.
                    ``*.exists`` and ``keywords.*`` will work as expected.

-d, --disable LIST  Disable the listed issues. Use ',' as separator.
                    ``*.exists`` and ``keywords.*`` will work as expected.

-C, --no-color      Do not colorize output.

-V, --version       Print version string.

-h, --help          Show short help text.

Available Issues

In the terminology of this script, issues are the checks that are performed on the files.

The names of the issues are made up from the suffix of the file and a unique name describing the issue. For example, the file package.keywords has the suffix keywords and if a atom listed there does not exist in the tree, the issue keywords.exists is triggered.

Executing portage-decruft --list-issues will give you a list of all available issues.

Generic Issues

This list of the generic issues is checked for every file [1], including the not standardized package.cflags, package.ldflags, package.cxxflags and package.features file.


The atom does not match anything. There is nothing that can be changed, so this entry is useless.

SUFFIX.not_installed [2]

No version of the package is installed.


You are operating only on versions that are not considered for use. This is triggered if the smallest installed version is more recent then the highest version the atom matches.
[1]SUFFIX is to be replaced with the suffix of the file, for package.use this would be use.
[2]For package.mask, this is only triggered if the atom doesn't mask the whole package. E.g. >app-portage/eix-12.0 triggers this check, while app-portage/eix does not.

Special Issues


You settings do not change the acceptability of any package.


Your settings do not change anything. Every matching version is already mask by package.mask.


You settings do not change anything. None of the matching versions are masked by package.mask.


The flags your are changing are not listed in any IUSE variable of the matching versions. Your changes are not affecting the packages.


Either the whole entry does not change anything, or just some of the flags are redundant.

Selecting Issues

If you only want to check for a specific set of issues, you have to first disable all issues --disable '*' and then enable the issues you actually want.

For example, this would only check the file package.use:

portage-decruft --disable '*' --enable 'use.*'

Another use-case would be disabling only the checks for package.features:

portage-decruft --disable 'features.*'

Understanding the output

At runtime, portage-decruft will print the filename, line number, a short description and the name of the issue.

For example:

.. in file /etc/portage/package.use
     line   1: app-portage/eix no change in useflags [use.redundant]

There is a problem in /etc/portage/package.use on line 1. The issue was use.redundant. If the included short text isn't helpful, you will find a more verbose explanation in the section Available Issues.

Ignoring lines

Credit where credit is due: This feature is lifted from config-decruft, the config-cleanup tool of paludis.

Sometime you want to force portage-decruft to accept some lines or whole blocks of lines without reporting any issues on them. This can be done by adding DECRUFT:SKIP_BLOCK respectively DECRUFT:SKIP_ENTRY comments just above the parts you want ignored.

DECRUFT:SKIP_BLOCK will not report on any lines until the next empty line:

cross-mips64-unknown-linux-gnu/binutils -selinux
cross-mips64-unknown-linux-gnu/binutils nls -gd -selinux
cross-mips64-unknown-linux-gnu/linux-headers nls -gd -selinux
cross-mips64-unknown-linux-gnu/glibc nls -gd -selinux

app-portage/eix -sqlite

The cross-mips64-unknown-linux-gnu/* block will be ignore, with app-portage/eix being the first line that is checked again.

DECRUFT:SKIP_ENTRY will not report on the line after the comment:


app-portage/eix **

Here, the x11-libs/gtk+-1 line will be ignore, with app-portage/eix being the first line that is checked again.


Only check the entries in package.use:

portage-decruft --disable '*' --enable 'use.*'

For the package.use as seen here:

app-portage/eix -sqlite
x11-apps/xinit minimal cairo
app-portage/portage-decruft -debug
sys-apps/paludis doc glsa inquisitio pink
media-gfx/gimp lcms -wmf

And here the output of portage-decruft:

.. in file /etc/portage/package.use
     line   1: app-portage/eix no change in useflags [use.redundant]
     line   2: x11-apps/xinit cairo flag(s) are not supported (IUSE) [use.iuse]
     line   3: app-portage/portage-decruft does not exist [use.exists]
     line   4: sys-apps/paludis is not installed [use.not_installed]
     line   5: media-gfx/gimp -wmf flag(s) are redundant [use.redundant]
  1. USE did not change after applying the line, because sqlite is already deactivated globally.
  2. None of the installed versions of xinit support a cairo USE flag.
  3. Well, there is just no such package in the tree.
  4. Paludis is not installed on my system.
  5. -wmf is already set globally.


There are some alternatives around. I will name them and explain why I rather wrote my own thing instead of using them.

eix-test-obsolete from app-portage/eix:

  • doesn't handle package.use all that well
  • takes about 3 times longer then portage-decruft
  • cleaning up /etc/portage doesn't really fit into eix, in my humble opinion

dep -E from app-portage/udept:

  • has a lot of false positives
  • appears unmaintained

etcportclean (not yet in the tree):

  • changes your configuration, no --pretend mode
  • appears to be broken with some special masks (~-operator)

config-decruft for paludis:

  • I use portage, you insensitive clod!


Tool for gentoo linux's portage package manager, used to decruft /etc/portage




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