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Restoring DNS challenge test

* As per [letsencrypt/boulder#1242] and the
[LE Community
site, Boulder has restored DNS challenge support conforming to the
latest ACME specification.
* I've re-enabled the integration tests for the DNS challenge, and after
adding a short delay between the handling and submission of the
challenge (to make sure it's not verified too soon), the validation is
* Yay!!! DNS challenges are back baby!
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ebekker committed Jan 9, 2016
1 parent 494d227 commit 99e59a0fa161c581219f8de392dfa27f03288e69
Showing with 7 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +7 −1 ACMESharp/ACMESharp-test/AcmeClientUnitTests.cs
@@ -783,12 +783,19 @@ public void Test0132_HandleDnsChallenge()
[AwsCommonParams.SECRET_ACCESS_KEY.Name] /**/ = handlerConfig.SecretAccessKey,
[AwsCommonParams.REGION.Name] /**/ = handlerConfig.Region,
[AwsRoute53ChallengeHandlerProvider.HOSTED_ZONE_ID.Name] /**/ = handlerConfig.HostedZoneId,
[AwsRoute53ChallengeHandlerProvider.RR_TTL.Name] /**/ = 30,
var authzChallenge = client.HandleChallenge(authzState,
"awsRoute53", handlerParams);
// Need to put in an artificial delay before we consider this "effective"
// such that ACME Server can test it -- without this, the subsequent test
// by the ACME Server was happening too fast before AWS R53 had propogated
// the DNS record change and thus the validation was always failing
Thread.Sleep(10 * 1000); // 10s
_testAuthzChallengeDnsHandled_AcmeAuthzFile = $"{_baseLocalStore}\\130-TestAuthz-ChallengeAnswersHandleDns.acmeAuthz";
using (var fs = new FileStream(_testAuthzChallengeDnsHandled_AcmeAuthzFile, FileMode.Create))
@@ -800,7 +807,6 @@ public void Test0132_HandleDnsChallenge()
[Ignore] // Waiting till dns-01 has been implemented in Boulder STAGE
public void Test0136_SubmitDnsChallengeAnswer()
using (var signer = new RS256Signer())

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ebekker Jan 9, 2016


This should address #9 and #67 when running against the STAGING server now.


ebekker commented on 99e59a0 Jan 9, 2016

This should address #9 and #67 when running against the STAGING server now.

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