Challenge Types, Challenge Handlers and Providers

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You can use a pair of cmdlets to discover the different Challenge Types and Handlers that are supported by the running POSH session, and manage the Challenge Handler profiles defined in a particular Vault. The actual lists in the examples below may vary from your experience depending on which Challenge Decoder and Challenge Handler providers are discoverable and loaded into your running POSH session.

  • Get-ACMEChallengeHandlerProfile
  • Set-ACMEChallengeHandlerProfile

List all the supported Challenge types

PS> Get-ACMEChallengeHandlerProfile -ListChallengeTypes

Get a description of a specific Challenge Type

PS> Get-ACMEChallengeHandlerProfile -GetChallengeType dns-01
Name          : dns-01
Label         :
SupportedType : DNS
ChallengeType : dns-01
Description   : Challenge type decoder for the DNS type as specified in

List all the supported Challenge Handlers

PS> Get-ACMEChallengeHandlerProfile -ListChallengeHandlers

Get a description of parameters for a given Challenge Handler

Get-ACMEChallengeHandlerProfile -GetChallengeHandler manual -ParametersOnly | Out-GridView
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