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Prerequisites: Bundler, Homebrew

  1. In terminal window, change to project folder and run:

    bundle install --gemfile=_Gemfile

  2. Download Google Closure, place jar file in ~/Library/Google/compiler-latest (if you'd like a different location, update _build.thor in your project's folder with new location)

  3. Download htmlcompressor jar, place in same directory as Closure jar.

  4. Install optipng for optimizing PNGs:

    brew install optipng

  5. Install s3cmd to upload to Amazon S3:

    brew install s3cmd

    s3cmd --configure

  6. ImageMagick and RMagick to automatically resize 2x images:

    brew install imagemagick

    comment out gem rmagick in _Gemfile in your project folder, run step #1