A Tool to Review GitHub Pull Request.
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PReviewer is a desktop application designed to review github pull requests. The key feature is the ability to view differences in external diff tools such as Beyond Compare, KDiff, WinMerge or whatever you like.


In this release PReviewer provides the ability to

  • Display the title and description of the pull request.
  • List changed files in a pull request.
  • open the changed files in external difftool, for example beyond compare.
  • Show the differences inside the application itself.
  • Comment on individual files, and submit a general comment. However inline comment on specific commit hasn't been supported yet.
  • Compare commits in the pull request.


Navigate to here to download the setup.exe and install it following the instructions.

For Windows8 users: if your system complains Windows protected your PC blahblah..., then just click the More info on the screen, and press the Run anyway button.


PReview is a free tool and its source code is published under Microsoft Public License (MS-PL)

All rights reserved Nicologies @2015


If you feel that the work I provide is worth it, you can donate by using the Donate button below. This is greatly appreciated. You can use Paypal to donate even if you do not have a Paypal account.There is, of course, no obligation whatsoever. If you prefer, you can rather buy me a bottle of coke next time I am in a location near you ;)


If you have any suggestion, find any bug, or just want to contribute, please submit to the issues page.

Coming Features

Here are the features may be added in the future but with no guarantee. I would be appreciated if you can help.

  • Inline comment on specific commit
  • Integrated markdown editor, probably a WYSIWYG editor, but this is low priority .
  • Replace the diffviewer With the wpf version of ICsharpcode.editor.