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Easy Agile is a Redmine plugin for agile development teams. Based on the original Simply Agile.


Install Redmine. Follow the Redmine plugin installation manual. Or go this way (inside the Redmine directory). Make sure you have git installed:

./script/plugin install


cd vendor/plugins
git clone git://

Start migration:

rake db:migrate_plugins RAILS_ENV=production (or simply "rake db:migrate_plugins" for development mode)

Install nested_layouts plugin (from Redmine root directory):

./script/plugin install git://

Install ImageMagick and RMagick. See the RMagick's Installation FAQ for details. Windows users might need to reinstall RMagick and ImageMagick in case of any problems.

Install gruffs library (if you want your Redmine installation to be portable):

gem install gruff
cd vendor/plugins && gem unpack gruff

or (if you want to use gruff from gems):

gem install gruff

and add the following line to your config/environment.rb file:

config.gem "gruff"

Then restart Redmine. In project's setting in Modules include 'Easy Agile' or enable it globally for all projects from Administration area. It will be available under 'Easy Agile' tab.

Recent activities summary is available inside 'My Page' area.


Easy Agile is a simple task board which allows you to define stories and track their statuses through iteration. The application is quite straigtforward for the people familiar with the SCRUM and Agile methodology.


Easy Agile based on the original Simply Agile standalone application by Jandaweb (see LICENSE.simply_agile).

Project team

  • Sphere Consulting Inc Development Team

Copyright © 2010 Sphere Consulting Inc., released under the MIT license (see LICENSE).