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RMagick 2.13.1
o Fixed bug preventing RMagick from working with version 6.5.9 or higher
RMagick 2.13.0
o Added Doxygen documentation, for automatic documentation
o Fixed bug #27467, get RMagick to compile witH ImageMagick 6.5.7
o Fixed bug #27607, switch Pixel#from_hsla and Pixel#to_hsla to use ranges
0-255 instead of 0-100 for saturation and lightness (range used by
ImageMagick 6.5.6-5 and higher). Also added ability to specify all
arguments to these functions as percentages (bug report by Arthur Chan).
RMagick 2.12.2
o Add feature tests for SinusoidFunction and PolynomialFunction enum
values to allow compiling with ImageMagick 6.4.8-7 (bug report by Mark
RMagick 2.12.1
o Fix bug #27239, allow 2.12.0 to compile with older releases of ImageMagick
(bug report by Sam Lown)
RMagick 2.12.0
o Added Image#function_channel (available in ImageMagick 6.4.8-8)
o Added Image#auto_level_channel, Image#auto_gamma_channel (available in
ImageMagick 6.5.5-1)
o Added Draw#interline_spacing, #interline_spacing= (available in
ImageMagick 6.5.5-8)
RMagick 2.11.1
o Applied Alexey Borzenkov's mingw patches to extconf.rb.
o Fixed a bug in Magick.trace_proc that could cause a segv at program exit
with Ruby 1.9.1 (bug report by Larry Young)
o Added new CompressionType enum values ZipSCompression, PixCompression,
Pxr24Compression, B44Compression, B44ACompression (available in
ImageMagick 6.5.5-4)
RMagick 2.11.0
o Fix bug #26475, dissolve and watermark don't work with new versions of
ImageMagick (reported by Jim Crate)
o Add Image#composite_mathematics (available in ImageMagick 6.5.4-3)
o Add new LinearDodgeCompositeOp, LinearBurnCompositeOp,
PegtopCompositeOp, PinLightCompositeOp, VividLightCompositeOp enum values
(available in ImageMagick 6.5.4-3)
RMagick 2.10.0
o ImageMagick releases earlier than 6.3.5-10 and Ruby releases earlier
than 1.8.5 no longer supported.
o (Experimental) Support the use of Ruby managed memory for all memory
allocations (available in ImageMagick 6.5.3-10)
o Add Image#selective_blur_channel (available in ImageMagick 6.5.0-3)
o Add new AlphaBackgroundChannel enum value (available in ImageMagick
o Add new DistortCompositeOp enum value (available in ImageMagick 6.5.3-7)
RMagick 2.9.2
o Add new HorizontalTileEdgeVirtualPixelMethod,
VerticalTileEdgeVirtualPixelMethod, CheckerTileVirtualPixelMethod
VirtualPixelMethod enum values (available in ImageMagick 6.5.0-1)
o Added BilinearForwardDistortion, BilinearReverseDistortion enums
(available in ImageMagick 6.5.1-2)
o Add missing composite operators to Magick::Draw#composite method
o Add warning about dropping support for ImageMagick < 6.3.5 and
Ruby < 1.8.5
o Fix bug #25892, stack buffer overflow in Magick::TypeMetric.to_s
(reported by Roman Simecek)
RMagick 2.9.1
o Fix a bug that prevents the use of transparent background colors when
built with ImageMagick 6.4.9-0
RMagick 2.9.0
o Fix #23209, improve RVG's letter spacing (patch from Jonah Fox)
o Add Draw#kerning= attribute (available in ImageMagick 6.4.7-8)
o Add Draw#interword_spacing= attribute (available in ImageMagick
o Add Draw#kerning, Draw#interword_spacing primitive methods (available in
ImageMagick 6.4.8-3)
o Feature #23171, support ImageList, Draw, Pixel marshaling.
o Support all the new EvaluateOperator constants
RMagick 2.8.0
o Add the endian, scene, and transparent_color attributes to Image::Info
o Deprecate Image#endian= attribute setter
o Add the transparent_chroma method to the Image class (available in
ImageMagick 6.4.5-6)
o Add the sparse_color method to the Image class (available in ImageMagick
o Update Image#change_geometry to work with the new ParseSizeGeometry API
in ImageMagick 6.4.6-9.
RMagick 2.7.2
o Fix bug #22740, some Image::Info attribute values are not propogated to
the image object (bug report by Thomas Watson)
RMagick 2.7.1
o Fix bug #22471, Magick::fonts can abend on 64-bit systems (bug report and
patch by James Le Cuirot)
o accepts a block which is passed on to Image::read when
reading the input images. The block is executed in the context of an
Image::Info object.
o Add support for the "user" image property.
o Define the Magick::FatalImageMagickError exception class, raised if
ImageMagick raises a fatal (unrecoverable) exception.
o Added feature #22618, Image#total_ink_density (request by F. Behrens)
RMagick 2.7.0
o Fix bug #22152, extconf.rb does not respect the LDFLAGS environment
variable (bug report by Joseph Sokol-Margolis)
o Fix bug #22190, the NoDitherMethod enum value is not defined in
ImageMagick 6.4.2
o Add the TrimBoundsLayer ImageLayerMethod enum value (available in
ImageMagick 6.4.3-8)
o Add the CopyAlphaChannel, ExtractAlphaChannel, OpaqueAlphaChannel,
ShapeAlphaChannel, and TransparentAlphaChannel AlphaChannelType enum
values (available in ImageMagick 6.4.3-7)
o Rename Image#affinity and ImageList#affinity to Image#remap and
ImageList#remap. Retain the old names as aliases. (Changed in ImageMagick
RMagick 2.6.0
o Fix bug #21237, Image::write ignores format attribute when called with a
Tempfile pathname (bug report by Jack Shedd)
o Fix bug #21897, ImageList#from_blob abends when certain corrupt JPEG
images are used (bug report by Peter Szabo)
o Add Image#composite_tiled, Image#composite_tiled! (ref:
o Add Image#deskew (available with ImageMagick 6.4.2-5)
o Add Image#define, Image#undefine (available in ImageMagick 6.3.6)
o Add Image#level_colors (available in ImageMagick 6.4.2-1)
o Add Image#levelize_channel (available in ImageMagick 6.4.2-1)
o Add Image#affinity, ImageList#affinity (available in ImageMagick 6.4.3-6).
These methods replace Image#map and ImageList#map.
o Accept DitherMethod values for the dither argument to Image#quantize,
o Add the BarrelDistortion, PolynomialDistortion, ShepardsDistortion,
PolarDistortion, and DePolarDistortion MagickDistortion Method enum values
(available in ImageMagick 6.4.2-6)
o Add the HorizontalTileVirtualPixelMethod and
VerticalTileVirtualPixelMethod VirtualPixelMethod enum values
(available in ImageMagick 6.4.2-6)
o Add DitherMethod enum class
o Added general-purpose OptionalMethodArguments class to handle ad-hoc
optional arguments.
o Support optional "distort:viewport" and "distort:scale" arguments to
o Support optional highlight_color and lowlight_color arguments
to Image#compare_channel
RMagick 2.5.2
o Add support for MergeLayer to Magick::ImageList#optimize_layers (patch
#21189, submitted by Andrew Watson)
o Add PowQuantumOperator argument for Image#quantum_operator (available
in ImageMagick 6.4.1-9)
RMagick 2.5.1
o Update Pixel#to_color to work with the new QueryMagickColorname API in
ImageMagick 6.4.1-9.
RMagick 2.5.0
o Added Image#add_compose_mask, #delete_compose_mask (feature #20531)
RMagick 2.4.0
o Added Image#image_type= (feature #20490)
RMagick 2.3.0
o Added Image#encipher, Image#decipher (available with ImageMagick 6.3.8-6)
o Added DTX1Compression, DTX1Compression, and DTX1Compression
CompressionType enums (available in ImageMagick 6.3.9-4)
o Added optional "use hex format" argument to Pixel#to_color
o Support :area resource type in Magick.limit_resource
o Pixel.from_HSL and Pixel#to_HSL are deprecated. Use Pixel.from_hsla
and Pixel#to_hsla instead. The new methods rely on the ImageMagick 6.3.5
and later API.
o The Image#alpha and alpha= attributes are deprecated. Use alpha() and
alpha? instead.
o The Image#mask= attribute is deprecated. Use mask() instead.
o The use of Ruby older than version 1.8.4 with RMagick is deprecated and
will not be supported in a future release.
o Fix bug #18271, rvg width and height attributes wrong after a call to
viewbox (reported by Greg Jarman)
RMagick 2.2.2
o Fix bug #18016, add test for InitializeMagick in libMagickCore to
RMagick 2.2.0
o Added Image#opaque_channel, Image#paint_transparent (available with
ImageMagick 6.3.7-10)
o Added Image#liquid_rescale (available with ImageMagick 6.3.8-2)
o Added CMYColorspace ColorspaceType value
o Fixed bug #17148, compiler error message on Solaris (bug report by Trever
o Fixed bug #17470, get_exif_by_number, get_exif_by_entry may fail when
called with one or more arguments
RMagick 2.1.0
o Added Image::Info#caption= attribute
o Rename Image#crop_resized, #crop_resized! to #resize_to_fill,
#resize_to_fill!. Add aliases for the old names.
o Fix bug #16776, in the axes.rb example the last 2 arguments to
border.rectangle are swapped (bug report by Alain Feler)
o Fix bug #16931, apostrophe in #error directive causes error in some
versions of GCC (bug report by Justin Dossey)
RMagick 2.0.0
o Replaced configure/make/make install with standard Ruby setup.rb,
o Removed support for Ruby earlier than 1.8.2
o Removed support for GraphicsMagick. As a result these methods are no
longer available: Image#grayscale_pseudo_class, Image#statistics.
o Removed support for all releases of ImageMagick earlier than 6.3.0.
o Removed deprecated Image#random_channel_threshold. Use
Image#random_threshold_channel instead
o Removed deprecated Image#channel_threshold. Use
Image#random_threshold_channel instead
o Removed unecessary Image#montage=
o Removed unecessary and undocumented Image#image_type=
o Removed deprecated Image::Info#tile_info, tile_info= attributes.
o Removed deprecated Image::Info#tile, tile= attributes. Use #extract,
#extract= instead
o Removed deprecated Image::Info#subimage, subimage= attributes. Use
scene, scene= instead
o Removed deprecated Image::Info#subrange, subrange= attributes. Use
number_scenes, number_scenes= instead
o Removed deprecated Magick.set_monitor. Use Image#set_monitor,
Image::Info#set_monitor instead
o Removed deprecated RunlengthEncodedCompression CompressionType. Use
RLECompression instead
o Deprecated Image#matte, matte= with ImageMagick 6.3.5 and later
o Added Image::Info#stroke=, stroke_width= and undercolor= attributes
o Added Image::Info#tile_offset= attribute
o Added Draw#fill_pattern= and #stroke_pattern= annotate attributes
o Changed Image::Info[] and Image::Info[]= to allow an omitted "format"
o Added Image#destroy!, destroyed?, check_destroyed methods
o Support Image object creation/destruction tracing with the
Magick.trace_proc attribute
o Added Magick::QuantumRange. Magick::MaxRGB is deprecated.
o Added OptimizeTransLayer, RemoveDupsLayer, RemoveZeroLayer,
OptimizeImageLayer ImageLayerMethods enum values (available with
ImageMagick 6.3.3),
MosaicLayer, FlattenLayer (available with ImageMagick 6.3.6)
o RMagick works with Q32 version of ImageMagick
o Added ChangeMaskCompositeOp, DivideCompositeOp, LinearLightCompositeOp
CompositeOperator enum values
o Added SplineInterpolatePixel InterpolatePixelMethod enum value
o Added DitherVirtualPixelMethod, RandomVirtualPixelMethod,
BlackVirtualPixelMethod, GrayVirtualPixelMethod, WhiteVirtualPixelMethod
(available with ImageMagick 6.3.5), and MaskVirtualPixelMethod (available
with ImageMagick 6.3.3) VirtualPixelMethod enum values
o Added GIFInterlace, JPEGInterlace, PNGInterlace Interlace type enum
values (available with ImageMagick 6.3.4)
o Added SentinelFilter FilterTypes enum value (available in ImageMagick
o Added Image.combine
o Added Image#separate (available with ImageMagick 6.3.2)
o Added Image#distort (available with ImageMagick 6.3.5)
o Added Image#each_pixel (thanks to Russell Norris for the suggestion and
o Added Image#histogram? (available with ImageMagick 6.3.5)
o Added Image#sync_profiles (available with ImageMagick 6.3.2)
o Added Image#extent (available with ImageMagick 6.3.1)
o Added Image#excerpt, Image#excerpt! (available with ImageMagick 6.3.5)
o Added Image::Info#attenuate
o Added Image#clut_channel (available with ImageMagick 6.3.5)
o Feature Request #16264, added ImageList#composite_layers (available with
ImageMagick 6.3.3, request from Steve Martocci)
o Added Image#alpha= (available with ImageMagick 6.3.5)
o Added Image#gravity=
o Added Image#equalize_channel (available with ImageMagick 6.3.6)
o Added new FilterTypes values KaiserFilter, WelshFilter, ParzenFilter,
LagrangeFilter, BohmanFilter, BartlettFilter (available with ImageMagick
o Fix bug #10339, Image#trim does not support "reset page information
option" (bug report from Nobody)
o Renamed to to prevent confusion between RMagick.rb
o Feature Request #16276, re-organize doc to not split Image method pages
in the middle of an initial letter (request from Roy Leban)
o Updated for ImageMagick 6.3.7-5
o Made changes as necessary to work with current Ruby 1.9.0
RMagick 1.15.12
o Fix bug #16221, starting with ImageMagick 6.3.2, get_exif_by_entry/number
returns empty array/hash when no arguments are specified, even though the
image has EXIF data (bug report from Paul Clegg)
RMagick 1.15.11
o Fix bug #15887, the x_ and y_resolution attributes don't respect the units
attribute (bug report from Ben Greenburg)
o Fix bug #15889, memory leak in Draw#composite method (bug report from Till
RMagick 1.15.10
o Update Magick::Pixel.from_HSL, #to_HSL to work with new APIs in
ImageMagick 6.3.5-9.
RMagick 1.15.9
o Fixed bug #12089 (bug report from Hans de Graaff)
RMagick 1.15.8
o Fixed bug #12671, incorrect link in HTML doc (bug report from Thomas R.
o Fixed bug #11890, incorrect usage description for Draw#text_undercolor in
HTML doc (bug report from Ezra Freedman)
o Fixed bug #12706, specifying both a gravity and offsets to Image#composite
positions the composite image incorrectly (bug report from Benoit Larroque)
RMagick 1.15.7
o Fix bug #11033, make distclean misses some files (bug report from Lucas
o Work around SetMagickRegistry problem in ImageMagick 6.3.4-7
RMagick 1.15.6
o Fix bug #10070, memory leak in Draw#get_type_metrics,
Draw#get_multiline_type_metrics, Draw#annotate (bug report from Sinclair
o Fix bug #10080, scripts in examples directory should not be marked
executable (bug report from Lucas Nussbaum)
RMagick 1.15.5
o Fix bug #9637, export_pixels always exports all 0's for 1-bit images (bug
report from Doug Patterson)
RMagick 1.15.4
o Fix bug #8927, RMagick and rbgsl both export the name ID_call (bug report
from Shin Enomoto)
RMagick 1.15.3
o Fix bug #8697, Image::Info.fill= doesn't work when creating "caption:"
format images (bug report from choonkeat)
RMagick 1.15.2
o Fix bug #8408, a compatibility problem with some versions of ImageMagick
before 6.2.5 (bug report from Geir Gluckstad)
RMagick 1.15.1
o Fix bug #8307, compatibility problems with older (6.0.x) versions of
ImageMagick (bug report from Chris Taggart)
RMagick 1.15.0
o Added fx method to ImageList class
o Added wet_floor method to the Image class
o Added linear_stretch method to the Image class (available with
ImageMagick 6.3.1-1)
o Added recolor method to the Image class (available with ImageMagick 6.3.1-3)
o Added polaroid method to the Image class (available with ImageMagick 6.3.1-6)
o Added origin attribute to the Image::Info class (supported by
ImageMagick 6.3.1-4 and later)
o Added PaletteBilevelMatteType to the ImageType enum
o Fix bug #6260, some RVG examples produce all-black GIF images
o Fix bug #7034, fix the matte method in the Draw class
o Fix bug #7373, default channels should be RGB instead of RGBA
o Fix bug #7716, Pixel#intensity wrong for gray images (bug report from
Morio Miki)
o Fix bug #7949, abends when an exception occurs before
the draw object is fully initialized (bug report from Andrew Kaspick)
o Fix bug #8015, doesn't call the optional arguments block
in the right scope (bug report from Andrew Kaspick)
o Tested with ImageMagick 6.3.2-0
RMagick 1.14.1
o Handle change to the type of the ColorInfo.color field introduced by
ImageMagick 6.3.0
RMagick 1.14.0
o Feature request #5015, support CMYK->RGB conversions. Added the
add_profile and delete_profiles to the Image class. Fixed the profile!,
iptc_profile, and color_profile methods. Added the
black_point_compensation attribute. (requested by Niklas Ekman)
o Added adaptive_blur, adaptive_blur_channel, find_similar_region, sketch
methods to the Image class (available with ImageMagick 6.2.8-6)
o Added adaptive_resize to the Image class (available with
ImageMagick 6.2.9)
o Added resample method to the Image class (thanks to Ant Peacocke for the
o Added four new compositing methods to the Image class: blend, displace,
dissolve, and watermark
o Feature request #5418, add get_iptc_dataset and each_iptc_dataset to the
Image class (requested by Oliver Andrich)
o Added the bias and mask attributes to the Image class
o Added optional qualifier argument to Image#rotate
o Patch #5742 from Douglas Sellers, adds channel method to the Image::Info
o Added new ChannelType enum values
o Added texture= attribute writer to the Image::Info class
o Added tile= attribute writer to the Draw class
o Added pixel_interpolation_method attribute, InterpolatePixelMethod enum
class to the Image class (available with ImageMagick 6.2.9)
o Added "Magick Command Options and Their Equivalent Methods" page to the
o Fix bug #5079, Image#quantum_operator method doesn't work (bug report
from Pedro Martins)
o Fix bug #5080, incorrect RVG images when non-0 values used for the min_x
or min_y arguments to RVG#viewbox (bug report from Daniel Harple)
o Fix bug #5370, the clip_mask= attribute doesn't work
o Fix bug #5506, wrong argument used to intialize AffineMatrix (bug
report from Michael Shantzis)
RMagick 1.13.0
o Added transform, transform!, transpose, transpose! methods to Image class
(available with ImageMagick 6.2.8)
o Feature #4844, add auto_orient, auto_orient! methods to Image class
(suggestion from John Oordopjes, available with ImageMagick 6.2.8)
o Added adaptive_sharpen, adaptive_sharpen_channel methods to Image class
(available with ImageMagick 6.2.7)
o Added composite_image_channel, composite_image_channel! methods to Image
class (added in ImageMagick 6.2.6)
o Added radial_blur_channel method to Image class (available in
ImageMagick 6.2.4)
o Fix bug #4806, add hash, eql? methods to Pixel class (bug report from
Tim Pease)
o Change extension filename to match RubyGems 0.9.0 expectations.
o Fix bug #4821, correct doc for Image#rotate (bug report from Tim Pease)
o Update the Draw#annotate documentation
RMagick 1.12.0
o Fix bug #4630, the new signature for #level is incompatible with
releases prior to 1.10.1 (bug report from Al Evans)
RMagick 1.11.1
o Fix bug #4511, add Makefile, rmagick_config.h as dependencies
in the Makefile (bug report from Eric Hodel)
o Ensure ExceptionInfo structures are freed
RMagick 1.11.0
o Feature #3705, add resize_to_fit (thanks to Robert Manni for the code)
o Added optimize_layers method to the ImageList class (available with
ImageMagick 6.2.6)
o Added limit_resource method to the Magick module
o Replaced install.rb with setup.rb, improved gem install
(bug report from Ryan Davis)
o Added --disable-htmldoc option to setup.rb
o Fix bug #4104, incorrect label on example (reported by Jason Lee)
o Added contrast_stretch_channel to the Image class (available with
ImageMagick 6.2.6)
o Improved Magick exception handling to eliminate memory leaks when an exception
is rescued and execution continues.
o Tested with ImageMagick 6.2.7
RMagick 1.10.1
o Fix bug #3437, memory leak in ImageList#to_blob
o Fix bug #3363, Image#composite doesn't work when the source image
is bigger than the destination
o Fix bug #3635, Image#import_pixels doesn't accept FloatPixel or DoublePixel
storage types
o Feature #3597, add border_color attribute to the Draw class
RMagick 1.10.0
o Added add_noise_channel method to Image class (available with ImageMagick 6.2.5)
o Added vignette method to the Image class (available with ImageMagick 6.2.6)
o Added crop_resize method to the Image class (thanks to Jerret Taylor for
the suggestion and original code)
o Added export_pixels_to_str method to the Image class
o Provided default arguments to Image#export_pixels
o Added "order" option to Image#ordered_dither
o Added cyan, magenta, yellow, and black attribute accessors to the Pixel class
o Added CineonLogRGBColorspace, LABColorspace, Rec601LumaColorspace,
Rec601YCbCrColorspace, Rec709LumaColorspace, Rec709YCbCrColorspace,
LogColorspace enumerators to the ColorspaceType enumeration class.
o Fixed bug #2844, Image#to_blob exits if the image is a 0x0 JPEG
o Fixed bug #2688, Image#annotate, Draw#get_multiline_type_metrics handle
newline characters properly
o Tested with ImageMagick 6.2.6
o Removed support for all versions of ImageMagick prior to 6.0.0
RMagick 1.9.3
o Feature #2521, add Image#distortion_channel method
o Fixed bug #2546, ImageList#to_blob builds multi-image blobs again. (ImageMagick 6.2.0
silently broke the ImageToBlob method.) Thanks to Tom Werner for reporting this bug.
o Test with GraphicsMagick 1.1.7
RMagick 1.9.2
o Feature #2412, add the virtual_pixel_method attribute and the VirtualPixelMethod
o Feature #2462, add the ticks_per_second attribute
RMagick 1.9.1
o Fixed bug #2157, Image#total_colors is now an alias of Image#number_colors
o Fixed bug #2155, Image#dispose= now accepts a DisposeType enum, #dispose
now returns a DisposeType enum.
o Fixed bug #2156, Image#properties no longer returns garbage for the property
name and value.
o Fixed bug #2190, Image#compose now returns a CompositeOperator
o Fixed bug #2191, Image#composite no longer abends when called with 0 arguments
o Fixed bug #2213, ImageList#montage method no longer leaves the imagelist corrupt
after raising an ImageMagickError
o Feature #2159, added GrayChannel ChannelType enum value, BlendCompositeOp and
ColorBurnCompositeOp CompositeOperator enum values, RLECompression CompressionType
enum value, deprecate RunlengthCompression
o Feature #2172, added optional argument to crop and crop! to reset the saved
page offsets after cropping
o Deprecated Image#channel_threshold. This method is deprecated in ImageMagick.
o Feature #2373, change Image#import_pixels to accept a pixel data buffer as well
as a pixel data array. (Thanks to Ara T. Howard for this suggestion!)
o Fixed to compile without errors with ImageMagick 6.2.4-4.
RMagick 1.9.0
o Added Image#monitor=, Image::Info#monitor=. Deprecated Magick.set_monitor.
o Fixed bug #2070, support color names with embedded spaces
o Fixed bug #2109, properly scope Magick constants in RVG
RMagick 1.8.3
o Tested with ImageMagick 6.2.3-2
o Added comment, delay, dispose, fill, gravity, and label attributes to
RMagick 1.8.2
o Fix bug #1983, potential buffer overflow in version_constants
o Added feature #2015, support the pointsize, authenticate,
and sampling_factor attributes in Image::Info
RMagick 1.8.1
o Fix bugs #1876, #1888, #1919
o Added feature #1941, RVG's polyline, polygon accept array arguments
o Numerous fixes to the RVG documentation
RMagick 1.8.0
o Added Image#shadow (ImageMagick 6.1.7)
o Added Image::Info#undefine, #[], #[]=
o Added sigmoidal_contrast_channel, sepiatone to Image class (ImageMagick 6.2.1)
o Added JPEG2000Compression constant (ImageMagick 6.2.2)
o Incorporated RVG classes
o Added RVG documentation, examples, updated installer
o Tested with ImageMagick 6.2.2-0, latest GraphicsMagick 1.2
RMagick 1.7.4
o Fix bug #1727
o Fix affine_transform.rb
o Tested with ImageMagick 6.2.1
RMagick 1.7.3
o Fix bug #1553, a build issue with ImageMagick 6.0.x
RMagick 1.7.2
o Fix bugs #1308, #1310, #1314, #1533
RMagick 1.7.1
o Fix bugs #1250, #1253
o Tested with ImageMagick 6.1.7, Ruby 1.8.2
RMagick 1.7.0
o Added splice, set_channel_depth to Image class (ImageMagick 6.0.0)
o Added sharpen_channel, blur_channel to Image class (ImageMagick 6.0.1)
o Added get_multiline_type_metrics to Draw class (ImageMagick 6.1.5),
added new example scripts and images
o Added normalize_channel, unsharp_mask_channel to Image class
(ImageMagick 6.1.0)
o Added read_inline to Image class
o Renamed channel_compare to compare_channel, retained old name as an alias
for backward compatibility.
o Added default values for unsharp_mask arguments
o Fixed bug #1193
o Fixed segfault in destroy_Draw when Ruby gc'd the temp file name
array before calling destroy_Draw
o Tested with ImageMagick 6.1.6, GraphicsMagick 1.1.4, Ruby 1.8.2preview3.
RMagick 1.6.2
o Fixed ImageList#deconstruct to return an imagelist
o Fixed installation procedure to propagate user's CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS,
and LDFLAGS through to the low-level Makefile
o Fixed bugs #1048, #1127
RMagick 1.6.1
o Changed to match changes in ImageMagick 6.1.4 API
o Fixed bug #950
RMagick 1.6.0
o Added posterize, gaussian_blur_channel, convolve_channel methods to Image class
(ImageMagick 6.0.0)
o Added new CompositeOperator constants (ImageMagick 6.0.0)
o Added trim and trim! methods to Image class
o Added each method to Enum subclasses
o Added stroke_width= attribute to the Draw class
o Fixed bugs #624, #642, #716, applied patch #819 (thanks to Daniel Quimper)
o Tested with ImageMagick 6.0.5-2, GraphicsMagick 1.1.3, Ruby 1.8.2
RMagick 1.5.0
o Added meaningful implementations of dup and clone to the Image and Draw
classes. Clarified the documentation.
o Do not allow changes to frozen Image, ImageList, and Draw objects.
o Raise TypeError if freeze method sent to Image::Info or ImageList::Montage
o Added view method to Image, Image::View class (thanks to Ara T. Howard and
Charles Comstock on c.l.r for the discussion which prompted me to add this class)
o Added grayscale_pseudo_class method to Image class (GraphicsMagick 1.1)
o Added radial_blur, random_threshold_channel methods to Image class
(ImageMagick 6.0.0)
o Added quantum_operator method to Image class (GraphicsMagick 1.1, ImageMagick 6.0.0)
o Added statistics method to Image class (GraphicsMagick 1.1)
o Support channel_extrema, channel_mean with GraphicsMagick 1.1
o Added endian attribute to Image class
o Added composite! method to Image class
o Deprecated random_channel_threshold method when linked with ImageMagick 6.0.0.
RMagick 1.4.0
o Revised and updated documentation
o Implemented enumeration values as instances of an Enum
class. Based on a description by Paul Brannon in ruby-talk 79041.
o Added HSLColorspace, HWBColorspace constants (ImageMagick 5.5.7,
GraphicsMagick 1.0.2)
o Added CopyCyanCompositeOp, CopyMagentaCompositeOp,
CopyYellowCompositeOp, CopyBlackCompositeOp constants (ImageMagick 5.5.7,
GraphicsMagick 1.1)
o Added ReplaceCompositeOp. CopyCompositeOp constants (ImageMagick 6.0.0)
o Added color_histogram to Image class. (ImageMagick 6.0.0, GraphicsMagick 1.1)
o Added define method to Image::Info class (ImageMagick 6.0.0, GraphicsMagick 1.1)
o Added tint, each_profile, channel_extrema, channel_compare,
channel_depth, channel_mean, quantum_depth, preview, gamma_channel,
negate_channel, bilevel_channel methods to Image class (ImageMagick 6.0.0)
o Added get_exif_by_entry, get_exif_by_tag to Image class
o Added border! method to Image class
o Added fcmp, intensity methods to Pixel class
o Added Version_long constant
o The 'fuzz' attribute in the Image and ImageInfo classes now
accepts a percentage value as well as a numeric value.
o Added Geometry class and changed all methods that accept a geometry
string to accept a Geometry object as well
o Added dup and clone methods to the ImageList, Image, and Draw
classes (Fix for bug #254.)
o Tested with latest ImageMagick 6.0.0 beta and GraphicsMagick 1.1 snapshot
RMagick 1.3.2
o Fix profile! to require only 2 arguments, as documented.
o Correct spelling of 'transparent' in text_antialias.rb example.
o Add output of `Magick-config --libs` to LIBS variable in configure
o Minor fixes in documentation
o Test with GraphicsMagick 1.0.4
o Test with latest ImageMagick 5.5.8 beta
RMagick 1.3.1
o Fixed default base URI in the links to the installed xMagick doc
o Applied the patch for bug #76 that caused the rubyname.rb example
to hang when installing on FreeBSD.
o Fixed the <=> method in Image to return nil when the class of the
other object is not Image
o Added code to ensure that the `text' argument to Draw#text is not
nil or empty
o Fixed the handle_error function to re-initialize the exception
structure after destroying its contents.
RMagick 1.3.0
o Added strip!, import_pixels, export_pixels, random_channel_threshold
to the Image class. (Available only with ImageMagick 5.5.8, which
is still in beta.)
o Added black_threshold and white_threshold to the Image class.
o Added format= attribute writer to the Image class
o Added monochrome= attribute writer to the Image::Info class
o Added annotate to the Image class.
o Made the image argument to get_type_metrics optional. (Thanks to
Hal Fulton for suggesting this change and the annotate change!)
o Enhance the read, write, and ping methods in both the Image
class and the ImageList class to accept an open File object as
well as a filename argument.
o Added change_geometry to the Image class
o Changed configure to generate top-level Makefile with install
and uninstall targets. (Thanks to Bob Friesenhahn for the
suggestion and the the Makefile!)
o Incorporated patch to correct problems when building
with Ruby 1.6.7.
o Added "magick_location" attribute to the ImageMagickError
class. (Available only with GraphicsMagick 1.1, not yet released.)
o Tested with ImageMagick 5.5.8 beta
o Tested with GraphicsMagick 1.0.2 and 1.1 snapshot
o Tested with Ruby 1.8.0
o Changed to MIT license
RMagick 1.2.2
o Fixed many bugs in configuration script
o Added support for GraphicsMagick 1.0 (with assistance from Bob Friesenhahn)
o Changed default documentation directory (--doc-dir option default) to
o Added "examples" directory to contain example programs that aren't
referenced by the documentation
RMagick 1.2.1
o Yet another fix to the Cygwin installation procedure
RMagick 1.2.0
o Changed install to work correctly on Cygwin
(Cygwin testing by Yuki Hirakawa and David Martinez Garcia.)
o Changed install to support Gentoo ebuild
(Gentoo support provided by Tom Payne.)
o Changed configure script to find IM doc in IM 5.5.7
o Added Image#capture
o Added optional matte_pct argument to Image#colorize
o Add default argument values to Image#gaussian_blur
o Fix bug in Image#store_pixels that prevented it from working with
GIF and other PseudoClass image formats
o Changed Image#crop and Image#crop! to accept a GravityType constant
as the first argument, instead of the x- and y-offset arguments.
(Suggested by Robert Wagner.)
o Added Image::Info#filename=, image_type=
o Added ImageList#__map__ as an alias for Enumerable#map
o Added fetch, insert, select, reject methods to ImageList class for
Ruby 1.8.0
o Undefined zip and transpose methods in ImageList class for Ruby 1.8.0
o ImageMagick 5.5.7 supported
RMagick 1.1.0
o Fixed bug in handle_error that caused an abend when linked with IM 5.5.6
o Added RMAGICK image "format". When read, returns 252x108 RMagick logo
in PNG format.
o Changed examples to give all floating point constants a leading digit.
o Added Image#rotate!
o Tested with Ruby 1.8.0preview2
o Added Image#extract_info, Image::Info#extract=, Image::Info#scene=,
Image::Info#number_scenes=, Image::Info#tile=
o Added Draw#text_align, Draw#text_anchor, Draw#text_undercolor
o ImageMagick 5.5.6 supported
RMagick 1.0.0
o Fixed warnings when compiling with Ruby 1.8.0
o Added Draw#rotation=, rotated_text.rb
o Fixed temp image files in Montage_texture and Draw_composite
o ImageMagick 5.5.5 supported
RMagick 0.9.5
o Added channel.rb example
o Fixed install problems with IM 5.5.1
RMagick 0.9.4
o Cleaned up documentation.
o Added logging methods Magick.set_log_event_mask and Magick.set_log_format
o Added Magick.set_monitor
o Added custom serialization methods _dump and _load to Image class.
Added marshaling section to usage doc.
o Added Image#mime_type
o Changed install to use autoconf-generated configure script
o Replaced makedoc.rb with post-install.rb hook
o Added rmconst.rb utility script
o ImageMagick 5.5.4 supported
RMagick 0.9.3
o Changed ImageList#<=> to use same algorithm as Array#<=>
o Changed Draw class variables to class constants
o Fixed bug in Magick::colors method that caused some colors
to be repeated or missed when the optional block is used
o Changed fill classes to not inherit from common Fill class.
Removed Fill class.
o Improved usage documentation
o Added Image#level_channel, introduced with IM 5.5.3
o ImageMagick 5.5.3 supported
o Ruby 1.6.8, 1.8.0preview1 supported
RMagick 0.9.2
o Added crop!, flip!, flop!, magnify!, minify!, resize!, sample!,
scale!, shave!, channel_threshold methods to Image class
o Documented DisposeType, ColorSeparationMatteType and OptimizeType
o Changed Image#<=>, ImageList#<=> to raise TypeError if the other
argument is not in the same class
o Deleted Image#==, ImageList#==, include Comparable in both classes
o Added Image#thumbnail, thumbnail!, adaptive_threshold for 5.5.2 & later
o Used image list functions in 5.5.2 & later
o ImageMagick 5.5.2 supported
o Removed last vestiges of 5.4.9 support
RMagick 0.9.1
o Added -Wl,rpath option to $LDFLAGS in extconf.rb
o #include <sys/types.h> in rmagick.h
o Changed set_cache_threshold to call SetMagickResourceLimit instead of SetCacheThreshold
o Changed Image_texture_flood_fill to clone texture image instead of adding a reference
o Many fixes to the Array methods in ImageList
o Defined Image#<=>, defined Image#== in terms of Image#<=>
o Defined ImageList#<=> in terms of Image#<=>
RMagick 0.9.0
1st beta