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Simple way to store and use queries in database for use of DBA in Django Admin

WARNING: Project Discontinued

Try to use:


  1. pip install requery
  2. Add requery to your INSTALLED_APPS in
    # ...
  1. Run python migrate


  1. Create and edit query

You can use :param_name to use to run your queries later.

  1. Listing your queries stored in Django Admin

You can choose a query to run, just click in Run

  1. Running and show result

Fill the form with your parameters and click in Run to see the results

Please help us

This project is still under development. Feedback and suggestions are very welcome and I encourage you to use the Issues list on Github to provide that feedback.


The requery was original created by Ezequiel Bertti @ebertti and João Leite @joaoleite in September 2012.