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Workflow and Working Notes

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Amadís 1547 xml workflow order:

  1. Update chapter number and folio number for the appropriate chapter.
  2. Transcribe
  3. Proofread
  4. Regex to add </cl xml:id=”M21_c[0-9]”><cl> tags in the appropriate places.
  5. Very thorough proofreading by transcriber.
  6. <milestone/> elements in the appropriate places for dialogue.
  7. tag the first use of distinct persName and placeName
  8. Any new persName or placeName added to SI (site index) and marked with a comment and/or emailed to Stacey in a list
  9. Very thorough proofreading by 2nd reader


The calderón’s unicode is &#182;

For capital letter not preceded by punctuation mark but clearly a new clause:


To tag an unnamed character who elsewhere has a name: <rs type="person" ref="#id">that girl</rs>

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