NodeJS Module to create ATF texture from PNG
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var nodeatf = require('node-atf');
	nodeatf.png2atf('filename.png', 'output.atf', 'options', function(error, stdout, stderr){
		console.log(error, stdout, stderr);


-c Create a block compressed texture set (DXT1+ETC1+PVRTC4bpp). Use d, e or p to only encode and embed either dxt1, etc1 or pvrtc.

-m Create a cubemap. Input files need to be named .png where n=0-5. Order is [-x,+x,-y,+y,-z,+z].

-r Compress block compressed textures using JPEG-XR+LZMA to reduce file size. -e Embed empty (black) mip maps. -n Embed a specific range of texture levels (main texture + mip map). The range is defined as ,. 0 is the main texture, mip map starts with 1. -x Read mip map images from input files instead of autocreating them. Input files need to be named .png where ll=00-12. For cubemaps the format is .png -s Silence output during compression.

Options for non-block compressed textures: -4 Use 4:4:4 colorspace -2 Use 4:2:2 colorspace -0 Use 4:2:0 colorspace

-q quantization level. 0 == lossless. (default is 30 for standard textures and 0 for block compressed textures) -f trim flex bits. 0 == lossless. (default is 0)

License (BSD)