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Stock Ticker

Stock Ticker is an example of using Polymer to create a stock ticker component to render stock/trading information from google's financial public url.
It will get data from URL, then parse it and render appropriately; all within component that can be used elsewhere.

The project has 2 types of stock tickers

  1. Stock ticker - Separation between template and logic code <stock-ticker></stock-ticker>
  2. Stock ticker (raw) - both template and logic code is combined into a single file <stock-ticker-raw></stock-ticker-raw>

NPM Scripts

You can execute following NPM commands to do things with the project

  1. npm start - build and start local http server. It will listen at port 3000, you can go to your browser at http://localhost:3000 to test things out.
  2. npm build - build project; this will specifically run vulcanize to manage dependency on html import and crisper to extract JS code into separate file, then finally babel JS file. This command will be run automatically as part of npm start. It runs commands ass seen in ./
  3. npm test - start karma + jasmine test suite for both types of Stock ticker. This is with intention to demonstrate how to test polymer-based project.
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