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High performance C implementation of AVL trees
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ebiggers avl_tree.h: avoid bad function pointer cast
Casting the type of the 'cmp' function, while under normal circumstances
compiled correctly, was not technically correct and was not compatible
with some control flow integrity (CFI) implementations.
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This is a zero-dependency, high performance C implementation of AVL trees. It is intended to be incorporated into C programming projects that need to use self-balancing binary search trees.

This implementation is "intrusive", meaning that the tree node structure must be embedded inside the data structure to be indexed in the tree. This is the style commonly used in kernel data structures. This is actually the more general style of implementation; a void pointer and comparison callback-based implementation can (but does not have to be) be built on top of it.

This implementation is non-recursive, so it does not suffer from stack overflows.


Briefly, the supported operations are:

  • Insertion
  • Deletion
  • Search
  • In-order traversal (forwards and backwards)
  • Post-order traversal

See avl_tree.h for details.


  • avl_tree.h: Interface and inline functions.
  • avl_tree.c: Non-inline functions.
  • test.c: A test program.


This code and its accompanying files have been released into the public domain. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. See the CC0 Public Domain Dedication in the COPYING file for details.

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