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VERSION: :1,$s/2021-04-02/2021-04-02/g
ISO: :1,$s/202104010300Z/202104010300Z/g
NetBSD: :1,$s/9.99.81/9.99.81/g
PKGSRC: :1,$s/2021-04-02/2021-1/
# Check MD5 filename before post this mail.
# why dont we take off alone.
Subject: 2021-04-02-netbsd-raspi-earmv6hf.img (Re: Raspberry Pi update please.)
From: Jun Ebihara <>
I've updated 2021-04-02-netbsd-raspi-earmv6hf.img.gz for RPI.
- NetBSD 9.99.81 evbarm-earmv6hf 202104010300Z rpi.img from nyftp.
- openssh-8.5
- openssl-1.1.1k
- unbound-1.13.1
- Raspberry Pi [0-3] have been supported in big-endian mode (Rin Okuyama)
XXX: should test big-endian image and pkgsrc
#55505 RaspberryPi3A+ can't find Wi-Fi module
- RPI4: testing on NetBSD/aarch64
Changes from 2021-02-27 version
bozohttpd-20210227 libssh-39.0 NetBSD-9.99.81 openssh-8.5
opensshd-8.5 openssl-1.1.1k sh-20181212-20210401000301Z
unbound-1.13.1 userland-NetBSD-9.99.81/evbarm
gd-2.3.2 git-base-2.30.2nb1 gnutls-3.7.1 libcups-2.3.3op2
libimagequant-2.14.1 libxkbcommon-1.1.0 ruby26-cairo-1.17.5
ruby26-native-package-installer-1.1.1 ruby26-red-colors-0.1.1
Need Checking:
- bluetooth keyboard/mouse setting
- RPI camera module
Got Reports:
- HDMI output works very well however I wanted to change the resolution
into 800x600 both tty console and X Window graphical modes. Where should I
change it? As config.txt with hdmi_group=1, hdmi_mode=1 or hdmi_safe=1
didn't work.
- USB input devices seem to work fine as well with my USB keyboard, mouse
and barcode reader. However for my USB output device such as my Xprinter
printer didn't work with device driver of ulpt(4). It is detected
and working in OpenBSD.[9.0 release also occurs same error]
[ 195.114857] ulpt0 at uhub1 port 5 configuration 1 interface 0
[ 195.114857] ulpt0: Xprinter (0x0483) USB Printer P (0x5743), rev 2.00/1.00, addr 5, iclass 7/1
[ 195.114857] ulpt0: using bi-directional mode
rpi# cat myfile.txt > /dev/ulpt0
-sh: cannot create /dev/ulpt0: error 16
- with my Raspberry Pi 3B because every time I invoked this command
"shutdown -h now" a kernel panic occurs relating to usbd_transfer.
- After shutting-down leaving the system unplugged, this will
turn it's processor very very hot and seems harmful to the system.
pre-installed packages:
Keyboard layout checkpoint:
#encoding sv
#encoding us.swapctrlcaps
encoding jp
System Update:
mikutter support :
I make sample API key,pre-installed.
cd /root/.mikutter
git submodule add twitter_api_keys
RPI Wifi:
QEMU,with GENERIC kernel : vexpress to GENERIC: testing
- CPUFLAGS=-mfpu=neon-vfpv4 breaks some programs
- webkit24-gtk-2.4.11nb9 compile failed.
- dillo-3.0.5nb2 works with -O0
thanx Jared McNeill.
man security
man paxctl
sysctl -a |grep pax
If application failed, such as omxplayer.
try to test
sysctl -w security.pax.mprotect.enabled=0
Automatic resize partition: see /etc/rc.conf and /etc/fstab
1. copy image to SD/MicroSD
2. Boot
3. Calculate and resize ld0 partition and automatic reboot
4. after the reboot,root partition fit for your card.
In this image, ld0a re-created with newfs -b 4096.
# cd /usr
# ftp
# ls /usr/pkgsrc ... check if exists.
# tar tzvf pkgsrc.tar.gz |head ... check the archive
# tar xzvf pkgsrc.tar.gz ... extract
# ls /usr/pkgsrc ... check what extracted
# pkg_chk -g ... List to/usr/pkgsrc/pkgchk.conf
# (cd /usr/pkgsrc;cvs update -PAd) ... update
# pkg_chk -un ... Update (listup)
# pkg_chk -u ... Update
I use /usr/pkgsrc with USB SSD disk.
Pre-compiled packages:
- Pre-compiled packages path setting: man 5 pkg_install.conf
See /etc/pkg_install.conf
- If you use Official Package for NetBSD9:
set /etc/pkg_install.conf:
- If you update pkgsrc by yourself,comment out /etc/pkg_install.conf and check
Install application: man 1 pkg_add
# pkg_add some_application_name
- omxplayer
# pkg_add omxplayer
# pkg_add youtube-dl
# youtube-dl
# omxplayer *.mkv
MPEG-2 license key:
sysctl machdep.serial and convert to hex.
- Xfce4
# pkg_add xfce4
# startxfce4
or edit /root/.xinitrc and comment out startxfce4
- seamonkey
# pkg_add seamonkey
# pkg_add seamonkey-l10n
- nodejs
# pkg_add nodejs
omxfinder (
# npm install -g omxfinder
cd video archive directory,
# omxfinder
can start video viewing via file finder.
SHARP MZ700 emulator
# npm install -g mz700-js
# cd /usr/pkg/lib/node_modules/mz700-js
# npm start
# mz700-js@0.0.0 start /usr/pkg/lib/node_modules/mz700-js
# access http://localhost:3000/MZ-700/client.html
- openjdk
# pkg_add openjdk8
- gimp
# pkg_add gimp
- mpv
# pkg_add mpv
- emacs
# pkg_add emacs
# pkg_add anthy-elisp # for inputmethod/anthy
- evince
# pkg_add evince
- typical apache+php environment
# pkg_add ap22-php56
- gedit
# pkg_add gedit
- sphinx
# pkg_add py27-sphinx
- mcomix .. Book scanning data viewer
# pkg_add py27-mcomix
to avoid ImportError: cannot import name _getexif,
use py27-Pillow package instead of py27-imaging.
- firefox52
# pkg_add firefox52
# pkg_add firefox52-l10n
firefox52: fixed by Jared McNeill.
- awscli
# pkg_add py27-awscli
# /usr/pkg/bin/aws ec2 describe-instances ....
- midori
# pkg_add midori
XXX: start failed
- scribus
# pkg_add scribus-1.4.3
XXX: not found:need re-compile
- inkscape
XXX: not found:need re-compile
- wordpress
# pkg_add wordpress
XXX: need php56-gd
- (shotwell)
# pkg_add shotwell
USB mass storage boot
NetBSD GPIO DOC by Marina Brown
I2C - "Raspberry Pi I2C implementation still broken?"
"I can confirm the IOCTL is fixed, and can now successfully program I2C
EEPROMs using NetBSD on the Pi."
NetBSD RPi i2c sample code:
XM6i - SHARP X68030 Emulator for NetBSD/x68k (Thanx isaki@)
pkg_add wxGTK30-3.0.2nb6
XXX: use wxGTK30-3.0.2nb6 for XM6i-0.55
- set2pkg: update via pkgsrc.
- pkg_in/pkg_summary
- Summarize /usr/tests atf result on earm/earmhf/earmv6hf.
- yaft (yet another framebuffer terminal):
- /dev/mem:
"can't open /dev/mem" -> re-compile kernel with INSECURE.
- Sound output to the jack: port-arm/2015/03/12/msg002938.html
$ mixerctl -v [ auto headphones hdmi ]
pkgsrc Todo:
- lang/go :
earmv7hf: pkgsrc: go-1.9.3.tgz go14-1.4.3nb6.tgz or later.
earmv6hf: pkgsrc: go14-1.4.3nb6.tgz
Golang for NetBSD/arm problem summarized by @oshimyja
runtime: fetch physical page size from the OS
- gnuradio: g77 failed. need RTL2832U master.
- kodi: boot failed on my environment.
- www/otter-browser: compiling.
- omxplayer: sometimes core dumps.
-> add "gpu=256" to /boot/cmdline.txt, advice from Brandon Wickelhaus.
For Open Source Conference Online/Spring 2021, NetBSD BOF.
I've updated raspberry-pi image.
2021 Mar.6 Sat 10:00-10:45 JST (UTC+9) ROOM C
Join meeting with ZOOM/YoutubeLive
16:00-16:45 Room E Cross BUGLUG Community Camp
- NetBSD 9.99.81 earmv6hf rpi.img.gz base
- Connect HDMI,USB Keyboard,USB Mouse,Ether(dhcpd and ntpd will work)
- login root (no passwd)
- startx ,and icewm running.
- running mikutter.
twitter client (net/mikutter) on 40inch home TV.
# startx
# dillo &
# mikutter &
# LANG=en_US.UTF-8 mikutter &
English menu support. LANG environment setting on .xinitrc .
==== one or two or threee moment =====
Appear mikutter window. and mikutter-chan tell you,
"Well done on the installation!" [Next]
"Hi! This is mikutter-chan speaking to you,join the twitter with me!" [Next]
1. "Click the link https:......" click the URL,
copy URL into dillo.
2. "login with the Twitter account you wish to use."
3. "Go along until you see a 7-digit code and type it in at the top."
-> get pin number.
-> paste pin number to mikutter
4. "Congratulations! You have attained achievement register_account!"
Share your twitter timeline with your family!
- fit size for 4GB SD Card
- with X11
- increase more inodes on /dev/ld0a
- Recent current RPI kernel
- USB/video support: as NetBSD-current
- pre-build packages
Installed Packages:
To control HDMI output,add/delete "console=fb" on cmdline.txt.
If delete console=fb definition,you can get serial console instead.
rpi$ more /boot/cmdline.txt
root=ld0a console=fb
setxkbmap -model jp106 jp
/root/.mikutter/plugin/ :
- display_requirements.rb [Pre installed]
Build sample script:
1. port-arm/48855
i2cscan on RPi NetBSD build finds device for all addresses
2. i2c problem reported from "its sead".
/usr/sbin/i2scan on iic0 or iic1 often crashes the device (also with the -r
(use writes) option)
3. cap_mkdb failed, on update terminfo db.
One more time: (we're gonna celebrate
- Everything you always wanted to know about six but were afraid to ask.
1. login root
2. mlterm-wscons
3. ftp
4. cat vimperator.six
5. exit
6. mlterm-wscons --rotate=left
7. cat vimperator.six
and @Chris_J_Baird only knows how to get to 1987.
8. ftp
9. cc mandel5.c
10. ./a.out 1024 728 -2 -1.5 4.0 |tee f
11. cat f
Jun Ebihara