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VERSION: :1,$s/2018-08-04/2018-08-04/g
ISO: :1,$s/201807281710Z/201807281710Z/g
NetBSD: :1,$s/8.99.22/8.99.22/g
PKGSRC: :1,$s/2018-08-04/2018-08-04/
# Check MD5 filename before post this mail.
# why dont we take off alone.
Subject: 2018-08-04-netbsd-raspi-earmv6hf.img (Re: Raspberry Pi update please.)
From: Jun Ebihara <>
I've updated 2018-08-04-netbsd-raspi-earmv6hf.img.gz for RPI.
- NetBSD-current 8.99.22 evbarm-earmv6hf 201807281710Z rpi.img from nyftp.
- pre-installed packages:
- Firmware update
20180410 on /boot for support newer RPI.
- sysinfo and pkgsrc update
- dhcpcd-7.0.7
- git-base-2.18.0
- icu-62.1
- mikutter 3.7.4
I make sample API key,pre-installed.
NetBSD Problem Report Summary:
port-arm/53284: Support RPI3B+,RPI0W,RPI2-1.2
- RPI3B+ and RPI2-1.2: fixed,thanx
- RPI0W: can't initialize microSD.
cp /boot/bcm2835-rpi-zero.dtb /boot/bcm2835-rpi-zero-w.dtb
omxplayer: Abort Trap. (after FDTisation?)
Open: use NetBSD8.0 to work omxplayer
QEMU,with VEPRESS_A15 kernel
- CPUFLAGS=-mfpu=neon-vfpv4 breaks some programs
- webkit24-gtk-2.4.11nb9 compile failed.
- dillo-3.0.5nb2 works with -O0
thanx Jared McNeill.
- Xfce4 4.13:
# hang with xfce4-sessions,4.12 works fine.
XXX: Check Xfce4 and mint
man security
man paxctl
sysctl -a |grep pax
If application failed, such as omxplayer.
try to test
sysctl -w security.pax.mprotect.enabled=0
Automatic resize partition: see /etc/rc.conf and /etc/fstab
1. copy image to SD/MicroSD
2. Boot
3. Calculate and resize ld0 partition and automatic reboot
4. after the reboot,root partition fit for your card.
In this image, ld0a re-created with newfs -b 4096.
# cd /usr
# ftp
# ls /usr/pkgsrc ... check if exists.
# tar tzvf pkgsrc.tar.gz |head ... check the archive
# tar xzvf pkgsrc.tar.gz ... extract
# ls /usr/pkgsrc ... check what extracted
# pkg_chk -g ... List to/usr/pkgsrc/pkgchk.conf
# (cd /usr/pkgsrc;cvs update -PAd) ... update
# pkg_chk -un ... Update (listup)
# pkg_chk -u ... Update
I use /usr/pkgsrc with USB SSD disk.
Pre-compiled packages:
- Pre-compiled packages path setting: man 5 pkg_install.conf
See /etc/pkg_install.conf
- If you use Official Package for NetBSD7.0:
set /etc/pkg_install.conf:
- I keep for some 7.0 related binaries.
- If you update pkgsrc by yourself,comment out /etc/pkg_install.conf and check
Install application: man 1 pkg_add
# pkg_add some_application_name
- omxplayer
# pkg_add omxplayer
# pkg_add youtube-dl
# youtube-dl
# omxplayer *.mkv
MPEG-2 license key:
sysctl machdep.serial and convert to hex.
- Xfce4
# pkg_add xfce4
# startxfce4
or edit /root/.xinitrc and comment out startxfce4
- seamonkey
# pkg_add seamonkey
# pkg_add seamonkey-l10n
- nodejs
# pkg_add nodejs
omxfinder (
# npm install -g omxfinder
cd video archive directory,
# omxfinder
can start video viewing via file finder.
SHARP MZ700 emulator
# npm install -g mz700-js
# cd /usr/pkg/lib/node_modules/mz700-js
# npm start
# mz700-js@0.0.0 start /usr/pkg/lib/node_modules/mz700-js
# access http://localhost:3000/MZ-700/client.html
- openjdk
# pkg_add openjdk8
- gimp
# pkg_add gimp
- mpv
# pkg_add mpv
- emacs
# pkg_add emacs
# pkg_add anthy-elisp # for inputmethod/anthy
- evince
# pkg_add evince
- typical apache+php environment
# pkg_add ap22-php56
- gedit
# pkg_add gedit
- sphinx
# pkg_add py27-sphinx
- mcomix .. Book scanning data viewer
# pkg_add py27-mcomix
to avoid ImportError: cannot import name _getexif,
use py27-Pillow package instead of py27-imaging.
- firefox52
# pkg_add firefox52
# pkg_add firefox52-l10n
firefox52: fixed by Jared McNeill.
- awscli
# pkg_add py27-awscli
# /usr/pkg/bin/aws ec2 describe-instances ....
- midori
# pkg_add midori
XXX: start failed
- scribus
# pkg_add scribus-1.4.3
XXX: not found:need re-compile
- inkscape
XXX: not found:need re-compile
- wordpress
# pkg_add wordpress
XXX: need php56-gd
- (shotwell)
# pkg_add shotwell
NetBSD GPIO DOC by Marina Brown
I2C - "Raspberry Pi I2C implementation still broken?"
"I can confirm the IOCTL is fixed, and can now successfully program I2C
EEPROMs using NetBSD on the Pi."
NetBSD RPi i2c sample code:
musica - DLNA/UPnP music server: (Thanx @cvsync)
MAEKAWA Masahide make a DLNA/UPnP music server called "musica".
1. Check .
2. Download musica-0.3.22-netbsd6-evbarm-earmv6hf.tgz for evaluation.
3. pkg_add musica-0.3.22-netbsd6-evbarm-earmv6hf.tgz
4. musica -d [AAC,MP3,WMA,FLAC,DSDIFF,DSF,AIFF,WAV,Apple Lossless dir]
5. Find from DLNA/UPnP AV equipment.
6. With a little luck,you'll find musica and enjoy music via musica.
7. If you feel slow,Try {NetBSD/amd64 i386,OSX,Ubuntu} Version or improve NetBSD.
XM6i - SHARP X68030 Emulator for NetBSD/x68k (Thanx isaki@)
pkg_add wxGTK30-3.0.2nb6
XXX: use wxGTK30-3.0.2nb6 for XM6i-0.55
- isaki@ audio2
- make python35 binary
- Rust
- set2pkg: update via pkgsrc.
- pkg_in/pkg_summary
- Summarize /usr/tests atf result on earm/earmhf/earmv6hf.
- PHP/vala based twitter client.
- yaft (yet another framebuffer terminal):
- RPI.rst in english.
- /dev/mem:
"can't open /dev/mem" -> re-compile kernel with INSECURE.
- Sound output to the jack: port-arm/2015/03/12/msg002938.html
$ mixerctl -v [ auto headphones hdmi ]
pkgsrc Todo:
- lang/go :
earmv7hf: pkgsrc: go-1.9.3.tgz go14-1.4.3nb6.tgz or later.
earmv6hf: pkgsrc: go14-1.4.3nb6.tgz
Golang for NetBSD/arm problem summarized by @oshimyja
runtime: fetch physical page size from the OS
- gnuradio: g77 failed. need RTL2832U master.
- kodi: boot failed on my environment.
- www/otter-browser: compiling.
- omxplayer: sometimes core dumps.
-> add "gpu=256" to /boot/cmdline.txt, advice from Brandon Wickelhaus.
For Open Source Conference 2018 Kyoto NetBSD booth.
I've updated raspberry-pi image.
- NetBSD 8.99.22 earmv6hf rpi.img.gz base
- Connect HDMI,USB Keyboard,USB Mouse,Ether(dhcpd and ntpd will work)
- login root (no passwd)
- startx ,and icewm running.
- running mikutter.
twitter client (net/mikutter) on 40inch home TV.
# startx
# dillo &
# mikutter &
# LANG=en_US.UTF-8 mikutter &
English menu support. LANG environment setting on .xinitrc .
==== one or two or threee moment =====
Appear mikutter window. and mikutter-chan tell you,
"Well done on the installation!" [Next]
"Hi! This is mikutter-chan speaking to you,join the twitter with me!" [Next]
1. "Click the link https:......" click the URL,
copy URL into dillo.
2. "login with the Twitter account you wish to use."
3. "Go along until you see a 7-digit code and type it in at the top."
-> get pin number.
-> paste pin number to mikutter
4. "Congratulations! You have attained achievement register_account!"
Share your twitter timeline with your family!
- fit size for 4GB SD Card
- with X11
- increase more inodes on /dev/ld0a
- Recent current RPI kernel
- USB/video support: as NetBSD-current
- pre-build packages
Installed Packages:
To control HDMI output,add/delete "console=fb" on cmdline.txt.
If delete console=fb definition,you can get serial console instead.
rpi$ more /boot/cmdline.txt
root=ld0a console=fb
Keyboard layout checkpoint:
#encoding sv
#encoding us.swapctrlcaps
encoding jp
setxkbmap -model jp106 jp
/root/.mikutter/plugin/ :
- display_requirements.rb [Pre installed]
Build sample script:
1. port-arm/48855
i2cscan on RPi NetBSD build finds device for all addresses
2. i2c problem reported from "its sead".
/usr/sbin/i2scan on iic0 or iic1 often crashes the device (also with the -r
(use writes) option)
3. cap_mkdb failed, on update terminfo db.
One more time: (we're gonna celebrate
- Everything you always wanted to know about six but were afraid to ask.
1. login root
2. mlterm-fb
3. ftp
4. cat vimperator.six
5. exit
6. mlterm-fb --rotate=left
7. cat vimperator.six
and @Chris_J_Baird only knows how to get to 1987.
8. ftp
9. cc mandel5.c
10. ./a.out 1024 728 -2 -1.5 4.0 |tee f
11. cat f
12. pkg_add sayaka
13. sayaka
copy URL into dillo,and get twitter PIN.
Share your twitter timeline with your family with mlterm-fb!
Jun Ebihara