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Clinical Trials ACT converter

This repository downloads the zip archive of all trials from, and converts it to a CSV suitable for ingestion into EBM DataLab's FDAAA trials tracker.

It does so by converting the XML to lines of JSON, and then iterating over each row and applying custom logic to select only ACT and pACT data from the archive.

It also stores a JSON version of every row of the archive in a single file. This is useful to us as it's a format that can be imported directly into Google BigQuery for ad-hoc analysis. We archive the JSON every day so we can audit historic changes.

The script at ctconvert/ contains all the conversion logic. The other files facilitate running the conversion in a Google Compute Engine instance.

Note that computation is relatively slow and could probably be sped up considerably by using lxml directly (rather than using BeatifulSoup), largely obviating the need for high parallelisation, as was done in this spike



To run the code locally, install the requirements (pip install -r requirements.txt) and then run python ctconvert/ local.

On Google Cloud platform

Running without the local argument will cause the script to attempt to access / store results in Google Cloud Storage, for which you will need to set a GOOGLE_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_FILE environment variable and corresponding service account (see below).

With a correctly configured service accont, is also possible to run the conversion code in a Compute instance:

  • Run python ctconvert/ <projectid> --zone=<zone> --name=<instance>
  • This starts an instance and runs ctconvert/
    • The script installs dependencies and runs On script exit, the instance has script exit code written to its status metadata, and is then shut down.

To set up GCS service account

  • Create a service account with Compute Admin, Storage Admin and Service Account User roles (or less pemissive roles if possible)
  • Download JSON credentials for this service account, and export an environment variable GOOGLE_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_FILE containing the path to that file


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