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# coding: utf-8
lib = File.expand_path('../lib', __FILE__)
$LOAD_PATH.unshift(lib) unless $LOAD_PATH.include?(lib)
require 'devenv_build/version' do |spec| = "devenv_build"
spec.version = DevenvBuild::VERSION
spec.authors = ["Francisco Soto"] = [""]
spec.summary = %q{Development environment builder based on Vagrant and VirtualBox.}
spec.description = %q{Simple tool to generate development environments based on Vagrant and VirtualBox.
You can includes a mix and match of programming languages, databases, frameworks or tools. Just point it to a directory and say what you need and you'll get your devenv. No more copying Vagrantfile and provisioning scripts around.}
spec.homepage = ""
spec.license = "MIT"
spec.files = `git ls-files -z`.split("\x0").reject { |f| f.match(%r{^(test|spec|features)/}) }
spec.executables = %w(devenv_build)
spec.require_paths = ["lib"]
spec.add_development_dependency "bundler", "~> 1.9"
spec.add_development_dependency "rake", "~> 10.0"
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