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Fargo Health Group Case

Project Description

The Fargo Health Group case is a business case published by Harvard Business Review . It is designed to test student's abilities to clean data, impute missing values, and create forecasting/predictive models to solve for demand. This case is about a health clinic (Fargo Group Health) that is having trouble accurately predicting patient demand for (disability) examinations. The executive at the company wants to solve this problem by developing a predictive model. This is what this project solves for and delivers.

Directory contents

These are the most important files for viewership purposes:

  • Project_Summary.pdf - Summary of project results.
  • /Statistic_Analysis.pdf - Statistical analysis in PDF form.
    • /R/Project_Summary.Rmd - Statistical analysis in R markdown form.
  • Case_Instructions_Fargo_Health.pdf - Actual business case. Not required to read (but feel free).

Viewing instructions

  1. Project report: Project_Summary.pdf.
  2. Statistical analysis: Statistical_Analysis.pdf
  3. Code for statistical analysis: Statistical_Analysis.Rmd

Copyright 2018 Eli Bolotin

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