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Twitter Sentiment Analysis Project
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Twitter Sentiment Analysis Project

Author: Eli Bolotin

Project Description -

This is project seeks to answer the question:

  • Are people that talk about fitness happier than people that talk about media (tv, movies, youtube, etc.)?
  • Data source: Twitter data

Viewing instructions -

  1. Read the Project_Summary.pdf to learn about the project.
  2. Review the Twitter_Sentiment_Analysis.pdf to understand statistical analysis.
  3. Check out Twitter_Sentiment_Analyzer to review project code.

Project (directory) contents -

  • Project_Summary.pdf - summarizes the project
  • Twitter_Sentiment_Analysis.pdf - Statistics analysis (sample set 1)
    • Twitter_Sentiment_Analysis.Rmd - R Markdown
  • Twitter_Sentiment_Analysis_Exp_2.pdf - Statistics analysis, (sample set 2)
    • Twitter_Sentiment_Analysis_Exp_2.Rmd - R Markdown
  • /Samples_Round_1/ - sample data (set 1)
  • /Samples_Round_2/ - sample data (set 2)

Link to program -

Twitter Sentiment Analyzer - This project is created with this program.

Naming convention of sample data -

  1. Say that you created a stream of tweets for a group called "media". You gave your stream the name of 'streamed_tweets_media'. As a result, the stream file name would be:

    • 'streamed_tweets_media.json'
  2. Then, clean this stream using the TSA Program. The newly created file would have "clean" appended to it:

    • 'streamed_tweets_media_clean.csv'
  3. Next, fetch non-filtered tweets for the cleaned stream. Three files are created:

    • 'streamed_tweets_clean_full.json' (this is the full data in json format)
    • 'streamed_tweets_clean_full_trunc.csv' (full data with limited columns for readability)
    • 'streamed_tweets_clean_full_trunc.json' (same as the csv above but in json format)
  4. Finally, create the sentiment analysis for the tweets. Output file:

    • 'streamed_tweets_media_clean_full_analysis.csv' (import this into R.)

Copyright 2018 Eli Bolotin

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