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Simple Menus


./script/plugin install git://


First steps - very simple


<% menu do |m| %>
  <%= m.item link_to('Users', users_path) %>
  <%= m.item link_to('Pages', pages_path) %>
<% end %>

HTML output

<div class="simple_menu">
    <li class="item first"><a href="/users">Users</a></li>
    <li class="item last"><a href="/pages">Pages</a></li>

Setting which item is selected in controller

CSS class current will be added to the LI tag.

View - ID the menu and each item

<% menu :main_menu do |m| %>
  <%= m.users link_to('Users', users_path) %>
  <%= m.pages link_to('Pages', pages_path) %>
<% end %>

Controller - make the 'users' item selected

current_item :main_menu, :users

Copyright (c) 2010 Ebony, released under the MIT license