An e-book framework that aims to streamline building e-books in various formats
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An e-book framework that aims to streamline the building of e-books in various formats. The supported formats are PDF, HTML, EPUB (popular on iOS), and MOBI (used by Kindle).

The aim of this project is to create tools that ease and enhance the already powerful Pandoc. Two goals are prominent:

  1. To streamline the creation of various ebook-formats from a given set of Markdown files
  2. To facilitate extensions through a HTML-inspired interface


  1. Install Pandoc
    • If you want PDF, remember to install LaTeX
    • If you want MOBI, install KindleGen
  2. Choose how to utilize ebookr
  3. Extend it with extensions
  4. Start using it!

Extension interface

The interface of extensions is HTML-inspired, with tags and attributes.

<closedtag attr="value" />
<opentag attr1="value" attr2="value">Some text</opentag>

Extensions are added as parsers (runs through text to read metadata) and renderers (converts it into whatever output is required). Although many of these things are already available as extensions to the markdown parsed by Pandoc, these extensions aim to deliver HTML counterparts to popular LaTeX packages.

To learn more about creating your own extensions, read about the Extensions API.

Use it in your own code

Explanation to come...