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Designed to make static page generation and editing a joy rather than a pain.
Features include:
- Wiki style code interpretation
- Dynamic page creation
- Easy linking and embedding facilities
- In-place editing
Todo list includes:
- User auth
- Haml
To Use:
- install via git as a plugin
- run the migration scripts (easiest way is using my easy_migrate plugin)
- browse to
To Edit:
- make a before filter that sets @magic_wiki_editable to true when you want a user to be able to edit a page
- browse to a page and click the edit button
To embed in existing pages:
- in your controller:
- * include MagicWiki
- * magic_wiki_do_setup "WikiPageName"
- * @wiki = magic_wiki_display
- in your view put either:
- * "= @wiki" for haml users
- * "<%= @wiki %>" for erb users
- go to wiki/Ref for a reference to the wiki syntax
- set @magic_wiki_allow_html when saving pages to allow html to be saved
Sponsored by Ebotech Consulting Ltd. -