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+Jsign - Java implementation of Microsoft Authenticode
-Pure Java implementation of Microsoft Authenticode for signing Windows executable files
+Jsign is a Java implementation of Microsoft Authenticode that lets you sign
+and timestamp executable files for Windows. Jsign is platform independent and
+provides an alternative to native tools like signcode/signtool on Windows
+or the Mono development tools on Unix systems.
+Jsign comes as an easy to use Ant task to be integrated in any automated build.
+It's especially suitable for signing executable wrappers and installers generated
+by tools like NSIS, exe4j, launch4j or JSmooth. Jsign can also be used with Maven
+using the Antrun plugin, or standalone as a command line tool.
+Jsign is free to use and licensed under the Apache License version 2.0.
+See for more information.
+Jsign 1.2
+* Reduced the memory usage when signing large files
+* Files over 2GB are now supported
+* Improved the thread safety
+Jsign 1.1
+* Command line interface with bash completion for signing files (available as RPM and DEB packages)
+* The keystore is no longer locked if the signing fails
+Jsign 1.0
+* Initial release
@@ -7,5 +7,3 @@ TODO
- Timestamp failover
- Support private keys exported with PKCS#8
- Detect the type of the keystore automatically (guess from the extension and try all the other types as a fallback)
-- Debian package for the command line
-- Bash completion

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